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Hotline: Spartanburg Straw Poll Tonight: A Preview

In the Spartanburg, South Carolina Straw Poll, Fox News is reporting:

Rudy Giuliani 108

Duncan Hunter 80

John McCain 64

Mitt Romney 53

This shows the popularity of Mayor Giuliani.

Rudy Giuliani is NOW the front runner for the GOP nomination for President.

A WIN for the Mayor……

Update #1 – From fox News @ 10 PM EST With 71 of 75 precincts reporting

Rudy Giuliani 123

Duncan Hunter 110

John McCain 86

Sam Brownback 68

Mitt Romney 59

Update #2 11:15 PM EST

Spin from South Carolina:

A spokesman for Giuliani said the numbers, while small overall, were encouraging.

“I think this is one small event of a very, very, long campaign, but it’s a clear indication that the mayor’s message of leadership and his proven track record is resonating,” Elliot Bundy said.

McCain’s third place finish is not a reflection of his strength in South Carolina, campaign spokesman Adam Temple said.

“There’s going to be many polls between now and election day,” Temple said.

Romney’s campaign said it was pleased with the former governor’s finish.

“I think we outperformed where we’ve been, where all the public polls that had us at 5 and 6 percent,” spokesman Terry Sullivan said.

Flap’s assessment:

A definite WIN for Giuliani in a southern conservative state where he was NOT supposed to do well according to the pundits.

A definite thumping to Mitt Romney and John McCain

An uplift for Duncan Hunter of California – is Hunter emerging as another top tier candidate?


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