2 thoughts on “Illegal Immigration Watch: Questioning Suspects Immigration Status

  1. Hey Flap:

    If you carefully read Special Order 40, you’ll see that cops cannot INITIATE police action to enforce immigration laws, but cops ARE REQUIRED to notify Detective Headquarters Division (DHD) when they have an illegal alien repeat-offender in custody. DHD is then required to notify the INS.

    But as Patterico points out, LA County Jail only screens six percent of their inmates.

    I calculate that the LAPD will resolve LA’s gang problem by 2203. You might check out LAPD’s Most Wanted to get an idea of how many potential illegals are on the list.

    I’ve posted a lot about LA’s gang problem HERE.

    Clark Baker
    LAPD (ret)

  2. And why cannot they initiate action?

    Come on….the LAPD could set up a substation at WalMart in Panorama City and clear out the place with illegal arrests.

    Time to get serious about enforcing the law.

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