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Michelle Steel, California State Board of Equalization Member for Imperial, Orange, Riverside, San Diego, and portions of Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties has ENDORSED Rudy Giuliani for President in an interview with Flap this afternoon.

Mrs. Steel, elected this past November is the highest ranking elected GOP woman politician in California. She is also the highest ranking elected Korean-American official in the United States.

Steel’s California government website is here.

Her biography is here and here.


Why Rudy?

“America is in a war. He is the only candidate that can lead us through the war.”

“Rudy is the RIGHT ONE.”

When I first met him at the California Republican Party Convention in Sacramento I immediately “liked him.” “He never changes his mind”, is direct and has “so much energy.”

“I respect him for his leadership.”

What do you foresee as your role in the Giuliani campaign?

As the highest elected GOP woman officeholder, “I have and will continue to speak before Republican Women’s groups.” Hopefully, they will trust my judgment and support Rudy.

Also, Mrs. Steel sees a large role in fundraising, especially within the Asian community. She emphasized that many Americans of Asian heritage will be attracted to Giuliani because of his leadership and blunt, direct method of governing New York City.

She will reach out to them for votes and campaign cash. Fundraising events are currently being planned.

Mayor Giuliani currently has large leads in California and national polls. Is this race over?


American needs someone to “lead us.”

Of all the candidates, Rudy is the “BEST CANDIDATE – ONLY HIM.”

“There really is nobody else.”



The Rudy Giuliani Files


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