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Giuliani Notes: FEC Quarterly Fundraising Report Conference Call


Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani smiles before walking to a news conference, Tuesday, April 10, 2007, at the Statehouse in Montgomery, Ala.

Flap was invited to a conference call to discuss the Giuliani campaign’s FEC First Quarter Fundraising results. Attending the call were Maria Comella, Deputy Communications Director; Mike Duhaime, Campaign Manger; Pat Oxford, National Chairman; Roy Bailey, National Finance Chairman.

Giuliani Campaign Announces First Quarter Financials


* Primary Election Cash on Hand: $10,814,834 (91%)

* General Election Cash on Hand $1,134,900 (9%)

* Total Cash on Hand: $11,949,734

* Total Receipts: $16,623,410 (includes $1,850,000 transferred from Friends of Giuliani)

* Total Raised in March: $11,482,486

* 28,000 Individual Contributors

* $1 Million raised through the internet


The number of individual contributors is low compared to the Democrats who number in the 100, 000’s and even Mitt Romney who earlier reported 33,000 . Is this necessarily bad or a portent for poor future fundraising?

Probably not.


Obviously, the campaign needed to raise cash and raise it quick to fund campaign infrastructure and hire staff. The low hanging fruit or folks that can write the $2,300 check (the maximun primary contribution) is any campaign’s first target.

Also, GOP Presidential campaigns have always relied on large institutional and business donors rather than the folks who send in their $10 and $20 checks.

Third, this campaign seems to be behind on internet solicitations where a good number of grass-roots small contributions are easy to harvest.

Prospects for the future are good for the Giuliani campaign. They have the cash on hand to now bolster the number of individual contributors and shore up their internet operations.

And they need to do this NOW.

Flap is impressed on their fiscal control and spending discipline. The burn-rate is good – which means their overhead is low. The campaign will need to save all of their resources for the expensive media campaign of Super-Duper Tuesday.

One intereting question durng the call came from the Des Moines Register: Would Giuliani committ reosurces to the Ames Iowa Straw Poll?

Mike Duhaime hedged on the answer and said they would be building their campaign organization in the state. So, Flap guesses the answer is: wait until second quarter fundraising occurs and see if the campaign can spend the money.


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  • Nanci Franks

    Lawrence Ray, Hero

    The Federal Government OPR, is in the process of overturning the “noted conviction” of Lawrence Ray.

    Nonetheless, sticking to the facts that have been out, Berard Kerik has been offered two years in prison as a plea deal, Kerik was arrested, charged and indicted in June 2006 in the Bronx. I’m sure you saw it in the news that other charges are coming out in the future in addition to what you are reading.

    Obviously, everyone in the world sees factually that he is a criminal.

    Doesn’t it make you wonder when you look into the record of the past, Kerik has criminal involvement as a teenager in Passic, there is in public record ties to organized crime in the 80’s. Kerik was kicked out of Saudi Arabia framing a Saudi doctor and they were kicked out of their own country.

    Additionally, there is a public record of DEA doing several investigations into Kerik and his partner Jerry Spiezile for taking money on drug raids when they were attached to the DEA Task Force. Kerik is a high school dropout and Phil, I am sure you are aware there are far too many other incidences of Kerik’s wrong doing to speak of. It does not beg any question in this instance, most people that I’ve spoken with are stunned about how glaringly obvious that it was no secret to people like Guiliani. Why would R Guiliani, an accomplished Federal Prosecutor have picked a man like B Kerik to Head the largest city police dept. in the world as the Commissioner of N.Y.P.D.

    As we have been , and did not need 911 to make us suddenly aware, of the existence of terrorism and the threat it always posed to our National Security,

    can you stop and think, it is abundantly apparent that R. Guiliani had to have know about all this all along. Nonetheless can you imagine that Bernard Kerik was the very man that our President chose to head the Department of Homeland Security.

    Be mindful it was at the request and urging of Rudi Guiliani. As far as I am concerned, whether intentional or mistake it would have been an unforgivable and frightening crime to be committed upon the American public by any president. History would have been looking back at this as left to be as another HUMAN ATROCITY. All of us will never forget the horror of 911. It has brought about changes of everyday life for everyone,

    Yet, Rudi Guliani and Bernard Kerik, as all of us are finding out have made and will continue to make extraordinary money upon the souls of the deceased of 911, and the profits are being paid by the pain and hard earned dollars of every single American.

    Everyone should stop, reflect and be thankful that one man, Lawrence Ray cared so much about all of us, had the integrity and the immense courage in December of 2004, to step forward with the truth reversing what was at a minimum an irresponsible and horrifying decision of President Bush.

    I don’t know if you are aware that is not the first time Lawrence Ray has done something of this magnitude for so many people. It was clearly beneficial to so many thousands of people.

    Look back to the recent Kosovo Crisis. specifically at the commitment American Troops and all attempts to stop the bombing as to avoid the senseless loss of live of thousands of American Troops.

    Then take a look at the attached Official Letter of thanks from NATO Headquarters that many have seen, thanking Lawrence Ray for his work which had stopped the crisis.