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Terror in London Watch: Police Have Crystal Clear Image of Car Bomber

‘Police have crystal clear video image of car bomber’

Massive man hunt underway as second bomb found

Police could have a ‘crystal clear’ video image of a man who tried to kill hundreds of people by blowing up two cars in central London.

After a second bomb was found yesterday, there are now fears that other bombs could be primed and parked around the capital.

An American television report said investigators already know the face of one of the men responsible, but police – who are still studing footage from hundreds of CCTV and congestion charge cameras – are refusing to confirm this.

It’s thought the image shows the man “staggering” from the first car after parking it outside a West End nightclub.

Flap wonders if police already know who the perps are and are urgently trying to find them. If they were confederates of Dhiren Barot might they not already be out of Britain?

Let’s look at the sophistication of the failed terrorist attack:


The people leave the nightclub at 2 AM and are greeted by a fireball and shrapnel. Then, as they run the second coordinated car bomb explodes inflicting maximum casualties.

The Brits WILL catch these M/F’s and sentence them to life in prison (no death penalty). But, the British people had better look at their immigration laws, and their homeland security precautions before Flap will visit their country again.

Of course, isn’t economic harm one of Al Qaeda’s goals?

The first suspect car outside Tiger Tiger

The entrance to the car pound at the Park Lane Car Park

Last night as police hunted a new terrorist cell, a massive review of security was under way, with tomorrow’s Princess Diana memorial concert at Wembley Stadium, to be attended by Princes William and Harry, a particular concern.

The foiled bombing came just a week before the second anniversary of the Al Qaeda inspired July 7 suicide bombings on London’s transport system that left 52 innocent people dead.

A terrorist atrocity had been feared in the days leading up to Tony Blair standing down as Prime Minister but the terrorists chose instead to launch their attack within hours of Gordon Brown taking over at 10 Downing Street.

Huge areas of Central London was sealed off yesterday as forensic officers examined the scene.

The Government’s emergency response committee, Cobra, met within hours of the bomb’s discovery.

The current threat level for terrorism in the UK, set by MI5, is classed as “severe”, one level lower than the highest “critical2.

Last night police were checking for links to a massive car bomb found by French police near Aixen-Provence.

Stay tuned……


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