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UK Terror Watch: Video – Glasgow Bomb Suspects Shouted “ALLAH”

CNN: Witnesses: Glascow attack suspects shouted “Allah,” appeared to be of south Asian descent

One of the men who crashed an explosives-laden sport-utility vehicle into an entrance at the Glasgow International Airport Saturday set himself on fire, while another repeatedly shouted “Allah” as he fought with police, according to witnesses who ran to the scene after the vehicle burst into flames. A third man who remained inside the burning SUV died, sources close to the investigation told CNN.

Two other people were arrested in the northern England town of Cheshire in connection with Glasgow attack and two car bombs found Friday in London, bringing the total number of people in custody to four, Scotland Yard said early Sunday. Glasgow police had said Saturday night the Glascow and London occurrences were linked.

The airport incident, at a terminal check-in area about 3:15 p.m. Saturday, sparked panic at the scene and prompted increases in airport security worldwide. The British government raised the national threat level to critical, the highest level — meaning attacks are considered imminent.

Airport worker John Smitten, who ran to the scene to help police immediately after the crash, said one of the men fought with them. “We try to subdue the guy, but he’s a bad boy, he’s not for being subdued,” Smitten said. “He’s throwing punches left, right and center.”

He said it sounded as if the man was speaking Arabic. “He was shouting something ‘Allah,’ something ‘Allah.’ Everytime he threw a punch he was saying ‘Allah.'”

Smitten said the second man who was severely burned and “covered head to toe in flames” also tried to fight policemen after a taxi driver used a water hose to put out the flames.

Stephen Clarkson, a passenger who was in the terminal, is quoted in several reports, including by the BBC and the Washington Post, saying that both men appeared to be of south Asian descent.

The third man apparently chose to die inside the burning vehicle, witness Jackie Kennedy said. The man sat in the car with a five-liter drum of petrol and he “poured it over himself inside of the car, and the car went up in flames,” she said.

And a fifth arrest was made while Flap was sleeping.  I’ll get to that after my coffee!

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