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UK Terror Watch: London Car Bombs Failed Because of Medical Syringe

A Mercedes car, which contained a suspected car bomb, is loaded onto a removals truck in Haymarket Street, near Piccadilly, in central London, last Friday.

U.K. Terror Plot — Why the Bombs Failed

The London bomb plot allegedly planned by a cell of doctors failed early last Friday morning because a medical syringe used as part of the firing mechanism caused a malfunction, ABC News has learned.

According to nonclassified documents reviewed by ABC News, and confirmed by multiple sources, both mobile telephones initiated firing mechanisms rigged inside a Mercedes E 300 parked several yards from the front door of Tiger Tiger nightclub failed despite multiple calls to the cell phones designed to remotely trigger the devices.

The first suspect car outside Tiger Tiger


The Mercedes in which the car bomb was found. Gas cylinders can be seen at the rear of the vehicle; in the back seat were petrol canisters and there were also nails in the car.

Scene outside Tiger Tiger in Haymarket where a car bomb was discovered

And the second car bomb also failed apparently due to the same malfunction. The second bomb was meant for the fleeing club members from the first bomb or rescue workers.

The same doctors who perpetrated these car bombs the next day (14 hours later) attempted to ram their SUV laden with the same fuel-air bombs into the Glasgow Airport.

The Brits were lucky and especially lucky were the patrons of the Tiger Tiger.

Thank God for that alert ambulance crew.



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