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Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Watch: Still Smitten; Update: Eric Leonard Investigating Documentary Evidence Mayor’s Office Has Different Press Rules for Spanish Language Media

Reporters swarm the mayor’s Suburban at a news conference in the mid-city area Monday, July 23, 2007.

At a mid-morning news conference, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa confirmed that he continues to see Telemundo political reporter Mirthala Salinas who is now on leave from her job because of their affair which is the subject of a Telemundo ethics investigation.

In the audio that is located here, the Mayor defends his girlfriend:

“I continue to have the utmost respect and confidence in the journalistic abilities and the high ethical standards of Mirthala Salinas,” the mayor said.

“I can tell you that I believe that if this investigation addresses all of the issues here, including the fact that she made it absolutely clear the extent of the relationship that we have, that I expect she’ll be vindicated.”

Villaraigosa confirmed he and — as he called her — “Seniorita Salinas” were still dating and speak to each other daily.

The Mayor deflects questions about the appropriateness of the affair to NBC/Telemundo. And is high in his praise for Mirthala.

“Even what you’ve read doesn’t accurately reflect the level of her talents and the seriousness of her journalism,” Villaraigosa said.

“She’s been nominated for three Emmys, she’s received two Emmys – not one; she has four Golden Mikes, not one — maybe five!”

Gad, the Mayor is supportive of the journalistic ethics of Salinas who “on air” announced the Mayor’s divorce from his wife while she knew she was the “other woman.”

Some ethics there, Mr. Mayor? Didn’t you run for Mayor on an ethics and reforming government platform?

No wonder former Mayor James Hahn is gearing up to run against you.


Eric Leonard was on KFI’s John and Ken Show and said that he is now investigating documenatary evidence that the Mayor’s office had different press rules for Spanish language media than the regular MSM.  Leonard mentioned a source who remained unidentified.

Leonard also reported that he has received three calls – one from an insider at Los Angeles City Hall – that gave reported sightings of the Mayor with Mirthala Salinas since the Flap blew up a few weeks ago.

He also snarked out the strategy of Mayor Villar and Mirthala to “BLAME” Telemundo executives for ANY breach of journalistic ethics on the part of Mirthala.  Flap has to ask: Are they both worried that NBC/Telemundo will fire her?  Apparently, Salinas will NOT be resigning or going away quietly.

John mentioned that today’s defense of Mirthala and the glowing praise will get the Mayor some extra nookie tonight.



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