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Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Watch: Telemundo Ethics Probe of Mirthala Salinas Completed

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The Telemundo ethics investigation of the Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa – Mirthala Salinas affair has been completed according to the Associated Press. A decision and an announcement is due soon – possibly next week.

Flap bets the announcement will be made leaked on Saturday morning/afternoon after the Sunday newspapers have been put to bed. (Over at Mayor Sam’s a commenter says that according to NBC”s Laurel Erickson Mayor Villar will be out of town this weekend with his son).

Perfect timing, eh?

An ethics investigation has been completed and a decision is expected soon concerning a Spanish-language journalist who had an affair with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, a person familiar with the probe said Thursday.

Mirthala Salinas was having the relationship with Villaraigosa when she announced the news of his separation from his wife of 20 years on local Telemundo station KVEA, Channel 52.

Executives at the Telemundo network and parent company NBC Universal were reviewing the findings of the three-week investigation, and a decision on the fate of Salinas and perhaps other station personnel was expected to be announced next week, according to the person, who requested anonymity because the person was not authorized to speak publicly.

Did the Univision disclosure and the Los Angeles Time’s piece on Universal’s development plan hasten the decision?


But, unless someone leaks some of the negotiation documents, we may never know.

Or will we?

There have been more leaks in this story than a water bucket with holes in its bottom.

Villaraigosa and Salinas wait out a pause in filming on the north steps of the state Capitol. Salinas is now a news anchor on Telemundo 52, June 19, 2006 (now on leave).

Remember what Flap handicaps:

Mirthala will take a paid leave of absence for an undetermined period of time obtaining a cash settlement or regular salary. After the leave, she will be reassigned in the company but will not cover the Mayor, the City of Los Angeles or any of the other politicians with whom she has had a “personal relationship.”

Bet the farm……


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And a print rendering of this original cartoon by Patrick O’Connor of the Los Angeles Daily News can be purchased by clicking the link here.

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