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Latino Activists Play Race Card Over Former California Governor Pete Wilson Statue

Statue of former California Governor and Mayor of San Diego Pete Wilson will be on display on Horton Square, outside the NBC 7/39 Building on Broadway Circle, San Diego.

Immigrant Latino activists, calling Wilson “the founder of the pro-racist movement” for his support of Proposition 187 in 1994, vow to block the placement of a statue of former Governor and Mayor of San Diego on private land in downtown San Diego.

“Pete Wilson, to us and to many, represents the worst of the American spirit,” Enrique Morones, founder of the Border Angels group, told City Council members during a non-agenda public comment session at City Hall.

“You can’t separate what he did as mayor from what he did later in life.”


And, all of the Californians (a majority Flap adds) who voted Proposition 187 into California law are racist too.

MORON Morones continues:

“I’m not saying he’s the same thing as Adolf Hitler,” Morones told a group of journalists outside the council’s chamber, “but to put up a statue in the heart of a city that was a Mexican city? A third of the city is Latino. There’s many of us, and many who are not Latino, who say ‘no’ to this type of a statue.”

Pete Wilson is against illegal immigration and this is the REAL FLAP.

The statue will be unveiled in a ceremony which Wilson will attend on August 25. Morones has threatened vandalism.


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