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This Ron Paul demonstration aptly demonstrates the “DOG AND PONY SHOW” at Ames today.

Why waste campaign resources on (as of 2 PM CDT) 11,000 Iowa GOP voters?


There are more GOP voters in my suburban California community by only a factor of 3-4.


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2 Responses to “Rudy Giuliani Watch: Why Rudy Did Not Go To Ames #1”
  1. F. Frank says:

    Or maybe Giuliani knew he’d lose to Romney’s better organized Iowa operation. He didn’t bother to show so he’d have an excuse for losing.

  2. Flap says:

    The Ames Straw Poll is a dog and pony show.

    The number of Iowa GOP delegates is 1/5 of that of California.

    Rudy could care less whether Mitt beats him in Iowa – even in the January caucuses because it means nothing in the grand scheme of the nomination.

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