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Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Watch: Ana Garcia Spurned Reporter?

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Ana Garcia KNBC Television Reporter

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Flap reported previously on the confrontation of KNBC Channel 4 television reporter Ana Garcia and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa last Friday. She asks the Mayor directly to supply his public records which were requested by Garcia and KNBC News weeks ago and which have been blocked by his attorneys.

The transcript is here.

Now, remember it was Ana Garcia (who previously was Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo’s communication director) who reported a piece for KNBC when the Villar-Salinas scandal first broke. KNBC is owned by the parent company NBC Universal who also owns Telemundo where Mirthala Salinas is a suspended reporter.

Ana Garcia’s first piece is here.

The video is here.

The transcript is here.

If you recall the first piece was regarding the Mayor shacking up with Mirthala in her Valley condominium prior to Rosa Park’s funeral. In fact, he stayed so long that he had to fly to the funeral via a private jet paid for by a major campaign contributor and former employer, Ameriquest Corporation. Ana Garcia and KNBC requested the Mayor’s calendar and public papers, including e-mails from his Blackberry during this time.

Mirthala Salinas’ condominium in Studio City according to KNBC

The Mayor’s stonewalling and unwillingness to forward KNBC his papers and e-mails set up Friday’s confrontation.

The conventional wisdom initially (at the time of the first Ana Garcia piece) was that KNBC was overcompensating for the fact that “EVERYONE” at KNBC Channel 4 knew Mirthala Salinas (next door at Telemundo) was having an affair with the Los Angeles Mayor. They ignored the story and looked the other way. Now with the scandal breaking they must appear to be an impartial AND ethical news organization – which everyone knows they are NOT.Flap surmised that would be the last peep out of KNBC television and Ana Garcia until last Friday

So, why the continuing FLAP?

It cannot be the Mayor shopping for shoes with Mirthala or the release of his e-mails.

ERSNews says it is because Ana Garcia was SPURNED by the Mayor?

Professionally spurned or does ERSNews know something that they can only report in code?

Ana Garcia is incensed with regards to Mayor Villaraigosa in some way. Could it be the pursuit of the truth? Is she a friend of or supportive of the Mayor’s wife, Corina? Does she just think the Mayor is a liar and a cheating bastard?

Or is there something else?


In an email from Eric Longabardi of he says Garcia has her first piece wrong:

1. The photo of Mirthala Salinas’ condominium is incorrect

2. Mayor Villaraigosa left Los Angeles for Detroit and Rosa Park’s funeral after midnight and NOT 11:20 or 11:30 PM, according to FAA records which are different than the Mayor’s schedule.

Now, Flap has to ask: Why aren’t Garcia and KNBC checking their facts? Is this why they want the Mayor’s records and e-mails? Or is it sloppy on purpose?


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Graphic Courtesy of ERS News

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