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Fugitive Democrat Fundraiser Norman Hsu’s California Contributions Under Scrutiny


Norman Hsu turns himself into authorities and is jailed.

A top Democratic fundraiser wanted as a fugitive in California turned himself in Friday to face a grand theft charge.

San Mateo County Superior Court Judge H. James Ellis ordered Norman Hsu handcuffed and held on $2 million bond. A bail hearing was scheduled for Sept. 5, at which the judge will consider reducing his bail to $1 million.

Hsu appeared in court accompanied by a lawyer and publicist, both of whom declined to say whether the New York apparel executive would immediately post bail. A warrant was issued for his arrest after he skipped the sentencing for a 1991 grand theft charge.

In the ensuing years, Hsu became a top donor to numerous Democratic candidates and was a fundraiser for presidential contender Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. He also had contributed to Sen. Barack Obama’s past Senate campaign and his political action committee.

Norman Hsu, a convicted felon fugitive and Democrat Fundraiser for Hillary Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton

Well, they have been active in California state and local politics as well – to the tune of $53,000.

Let’s see who received the obviously TAINTED money:

Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor of Los Angeles

California Attorney General Jerry Brown and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom

San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris

Former San Francisco Supervisor and now California Democrat Assemblywoman Fiona Ma. She represents Daly City where the Paw family residence is.

Rob Reiner’s “Pre-School for All” campaign, which became Proposition 82 on the June 2006 ballot

Democrat Congresswoman Doris Matsui (middle right)

Former California Controller and Democrat candidate for Governor in 2006, Steve Westly

Former California Treasurer and Democrat nominee for California Governor in 2006, Phil Angelides

Hsu et. al. have also given considerable sums to the California Democrat Party.

According to state and local records, Hsu has given more than $53,000 to various political efforts in the state since 2004, including $27,600 to the state Democratic Party, $5,000 to 2006 gubernatorial hopeful Steve Westly and $10,000 to Hollywood director Rob Reiner’s “Pre-School for All” campaign, which became Proposition 82 on the June 2006 ballot.

The state party gave $26,600 of that money back three weeks after Hsu donated it in 2004, said Bob Mulholland, a party consultant.

“Mr. Hsu asked for the money to be returned, saying he had made the donation in error,” Mulholland said. “We haven’t returned the $1,000 he gave us earlier this year, but the party will be looking at that contribution.”

Calling the Federal Elections Commission and the California Fair Political Practices Commission, what in the hell have you been doing?

Standard = NOTHING

Flap says there is a political scandal here involving offshore Chinese interests which are not only illegal but subversive to the American politcal system.

Stay tuned…….


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