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Hillary Clinton Watch: Will Return $850,000 in Norman Hsu Contributions? Maybe

Norman Hsu, a convicted felon fugitive (now in custody in Colorado) and Democrat Fundraiser for Hillary Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton

Remember Flap asked the question whether Senator Hillary Clinton will return the “SUSPECT” contributions from Democrat “BUNDLER” Norman Hsu.

Reportedly Hillary and her campaign will return the contributions – all $850,000 of them.

But, wait.

The New York Times reports that the Clinton campaign is returning the $850,000 Norman Hsu raised, “viewing the money as tainted. Yet the campaign is also risking another public relations mess by saying that it would take back the money if it clearly came from the donor’s bank account, not from Mr. Hsu or another source. The risk is that Mrs. Clinton will appear to want more cash no matter whether it was once colored by a disgraced donor.”

“The campaign will try to get most of the donors to give the money back right after the refunds, said a senior Democratic strategist who advises Mrs. Clinton’s campaign. ‘That’s the plan,’ the strategist said.”

NOBODY believes that Hillary and her campaign staff were simply mistaken in receiving Hsu’s “TAINTED” money. Meanwhile, The New York Daily News reveals that “FBI agents are collecting e-mail evidence in the widening [Hsu] scandal.”

Fred Thompson has it RIGHT when he asks the question: Didn’t you learn anything from Charlie Trie?

Thompson adviser Rich Galen said Clinton’s 2008 campaign has become “the sequel” to her husband’s scandal-plagued 1996 campaign.

“You have to look at this with a great deal of skepticism that – having been through this sort of thing in ’96 – that nobody thought to say, ‘Hey, you know, we better take another look at this before we take all this money,’ ” he said.

“And the fact that nobody did – or if they did, they decided to just put their finger in front of their lips and say shhh and try to sneak off into the distance – tells you a great deal about the fact that the Hillary Clinton campaign is the Bill Clinton campaign redux.”

Clinton is returning donations to 260 people who were recruited by Hsu. The FBI is investigating whether these were merely “straw” donors who were funneling money from Hsu to Clinton to skirt campaign finance laws.

In March 1996, Bill and Hillary Clinton’s legal defense fund accepted money from straw donors recruited by Yah Lin “Charlie” Trie. The Taiwan-born Democrat hand-delivered hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of checks and money orders in two manila envelopes to the defense fund.

Stay tuned as this story develops…..


The Wall Street Journal has tracked down the probable source of Norman Hsu’s money.

That has been one of the big questions hanging over the prominent Democratic fund-raiser, as reports have surfaced about hundreds of thousands of dollars he made in political donations, plus lavish parties, fancy apartments and a $2 million bond he posted to get out of jail earlier this month.

New documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal may help point to an answer: A company controlled by Mr. Hsu recently received $40 million from a Madison Avenue investment fund run by Joel Rosenman, who was one of the creators of the Woodstock rock festival in 1969. That money, Mr. Rosenman told investors this week, is missing.


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