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Rudy Giuliani Watch: Rudy – Hillary Clinton Spewing Political Venom


Rudy Giuliani goes on the attack:

One day after Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., sharply questioned the top U.S. commander in Iraq, Rudy Giuliani blasted his Democratic presidential rival, accusing her of spewing “political venom” in the Iraq war debate.

“I don’t know what she’s trying to say when she’s accusing a general of the ‘willing suspension of disbelief,’” Giuliani said Wednesday on the “Randy and Spiff” show, a radio program which airs in Atlanta. The former New York mayor repeated his criticism of the Democratic frontrunner for president later in the day Wednesday during a media availability in Akron, Ohio.


MAYOR GIULIANI: “[General Petraeus] and our military have had more success than the Democrats ever expected and now what they’re resorting to is really very disturbing. You have this MoveOn.org organization, this Democratic organization that has spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to malign the President and Republicans. Now they’re maligning General Petraeus with this ad that they’ve put money into, about General Petraeus and taking his name and saying General Betray Us.

“And instead of the Democrats standing up and saying that this is just wrong, it’s wrong to impugn the integrity of an American Commander in a time of war who is putting his life at risk for this country, we have the Democrats, in essence, creating their own questions. I’ll read to you what Hillary Clinton said yesterday. She said, ‘I think the reports that you provide to us,’ speaking to General Petraeus, ‘really require the willing suspension of disbelief.’ Now I don’t know exactly what Hillary Rodham Clinton meant by the willing suspension of disbelief on behalf of an American General. But I tend to think the American people kind of think politicians do that more than generals—the willing suspension of disbelief.

“And I really think we have a right to expect of our presidential candidates, even if they have this great desire to be President, more statesmanship than accusing American generals of the willing suspension of disbelief, just because they come to a conclusion that maybe you thought wasn’t possible. I know there are Democrats in the House that say, you know, the surge being successful would be a problem for the Democratic Party. Well, that’s one thing and I think that’s wrong. And I think what MoveOn.org did was wrong. But I think what Hillary Clinton did here, accusing General Petraeus of a willing suspension of disbelief when–you can disagree with General Petraeus but you can do it without this kind of name calling …”

Well, somebody had to say it. Hillary and the Democrats have called General Petraeus a LIAR and Rudy is calling them OUT.

Flap will have the audio when it is available.

Audio link 

No response yet from Hillary’s campaign. Maybe she is too busy refunding Norman Hsu’s campaign contributions.


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