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Hillary Clinton Watch: Hsu Contributions Help Hillary Supporters

Norman Hsu (L) is escorted inside a courtroom in Redwood City, California, September 21, 2007. Democratic fund-raiser Hsu was charged with fraud and campaign finance violations in a case that has prompted presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton to return $850,000 in contributions.

In a story that is NOT going away for Hillary Clinton, the Boston Globe today outlines how Hillary’s campaign used Norman Hsu and his bundled contributions to not only enrich her campaign but help gain/persuade/aid Presidential supporters.

Disgraced fund-raiser Norman Hsu did a lot more than just pump $850,000 into Hillary Clinton’s campaign bank account: He also raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local, state, and federal candidates who have endorsed Clinton or whose support she courted.

A major fund-raiser for Democrats since 2003, Hsu became one of Clinton’s biggest bundlers – gathering scores of individual checks and sending them to her campaign. But since revelations last month that Hsu was a fugitive in a 15-year-old California fraud case, Clinton has said she would return the $850,000 she has taken from him and his associates.

In at least some cases, Clinton or her aides directly channeled contributions from Hsu and his network to other politicians supportive of her presidential campaign, according to interviews and campaign finance records. There is nothing illegal about one politician steering wealthy contributors to another, but the New York senator’s close ties to Hsu have become an embarrassment for her and her campaign.

So, who did Hillary help with Hsu contributions?

Former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack speaks at a Hillary Clinton campaign fundraiser in New York, Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2007

Former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack who last week as a Hillary surrogate attacked Rudy Giuliani on his multiple marriages:

And in February, when former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack ended his own White House bid, he was about $450,000 in the red. A month after dropping out, Vilsack endorsed Clinton, and Clinton agreed to help him retire his debts. (Both insisted there was no quid pro quo.)

Over the next few months, some of Clinton’s biggest fund-raisers gave Vilsack checks, including Hsu, who kicked in the maximum allowable contribution, $2,300, on May 3 after attending an event organized by Clinton’s campaign, Newsweek reported this month. An associate of Hsu’s, Paul Su, chipped in $1,000 on the same day.

Governor Vilsack hasn’t learned the lesson of GLASS HOUSES, has he?

Other Clinton supporters/endorsers helped with Hsu contributions:

  • Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan – $20,000 +
  • Senator Mark Pryor of Arkansas – $11,000
  • Senator Dianne Feinstein of California – $17,000 +
  • Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa – $50,000 – His wife is a Clinton supporter.

And remember Flip’s chart of contributions:

Hillary last week said about the contribtions:

Clinton said in a National Public Radio interview last week that Hsu’s past was “a rude awakening to all of us – I mean, not only in my campaign, but the dozens of campaigns going back to, I guess, 2003 and ’04 who, you know, took contributions. None of us caught this and we all ran searches.”

Yet a California businessman had warned the Clinton campaign:

But the Los Angeles Times reported earlier this month that a California businessman had warned the campaign about Hsu in June and that a Clinton aide dismissed the concerns. “I can tell you with 100 [percent] certainty that Norman Hsu is NOT involved in a ponzi scheme. He is COMPLETELY legit,” Samantha Wolf, Clinton’s former West Coast campaign finance director, wrote in an e-mail to a California Democratic Party official, the Times reported.

This story is NOT going away. And it is NOT the “VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY” who will be outing the story but the MSM and the FBI.

Whenever the Clinton’s run there is something in their campaigns that NEVER smells quite right.

Fred Thompson was right about Charlie Trie.

Thompson adviser Rich Galen said Clinton’s 2008 campaign has become “the sequel” to her husband’s scandal-plagued 1996 campaign.

“You have to look at this with a great deal of skepticism that – having been through this sort of thing in ‘96 – that nobody thought to say, ‘Hey, you know, we better take another look at this before we take all this money,’ ” he said.

“And the fact that nobody did – or if they did, they decided to just put their finger in front of their lips and say shhh and try to sneak off into the distance – tells you a great deal about the fact that the Hillary Clinton campaign is the Bill Clinton campaign redux.”

Clinton is returning donations to 260 people who were recruited by Hsu. The FBI is investigating whether these were merely “straw” donors who were funneling money from Hsu to Clinton to skirt campaign finance laws.

In March 1996, Bill and Hillary Clinton’s legal defense fund accepted money from straw donors recruited by Yah Lin “Charlie” Trie. The Taiwan-born Democrat hand-delivered hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of checks and money orders in two manila envelopes to the defense fund.

Is it the ARROGANCE of the Clinton’s or POLITICAL MEDIA MANIPULATION that make them think they can cover up every SCANDAL?

Stay tuned……



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