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Missile Defense Watch: Vandenberg AFB Ground-Based Interceptor Missile Test is Successful


A U.S. interceptor missile on Friday shot down a dummy warhead replicating an incoming North Korean missile in the seventh successful test of Boeing Co’s long-range missile shield, the Pentagon said.

The Missile Defense Agency said in a statement it completed a test “involving a successful intercept by a ground-based interceptor missile designed to protect the United States against a limited long-range ballistic missile attack.”

The interceptor missile was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base on California’s central coast, and its target was fired from Alaska’s Kodiak Island.

“We got it,” said test witness Riki Ellison, president of the private Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance, a group funded in part by missile shield contractors. “It was a success.”

Now, what excuse will the Democrats have in Congress to reduce funding for National Missile Defense?

Opps Flap spoke too soon. No test is good enough for the NAYSAYER Democrats:

“Once again, there were no countermeasures or decoys used, making this test one of the simplest, easiest, flight intercept tests they’ve ever tried,” Philip Coyle, the Pentagon’s chief weapons tester under former President Bill Clinton, said in a statement e-mailed to Reuters.

Stay tuned……

Missile Defense Agency interceptor emplaced at Vandenberg

The Missile Defense Agency emplaces an interceptor missile at Vandenberg Air Force Base May 2.


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