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California Community Leaders Endorse Rudy Giuliani

Republican presidential candidates former Senator Fred Thompson (R-TN) (L) and and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani speak at the Republican presidential debate in Dearborn, Michigan, October 9, 2007

From the Giuliani Campaign:

Glendale, CA – The Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee today announced the endorsements of Santa Ana City Councilman Carlos Bustamante and San Jose City Councilman Pete Constant. They join other county supervisors and former state officials throughout California supporting Mayor Giuliani for President.

“Rudy has become the clear choice of voters in California and his commitment to the state is unmatched by any other candidate in the race,” said Giuliani’s California State Chairman Bill Simon. “As a former Mayor, Rudy knows the challenges city and county governments face, which is why he is committed to ensuring that California’s local communities have the resources they need to provide citizens with the highest quality of life.”

In addition, the campaign will be hosting a “Super Saturday” grassroots effort this weekend to grow support and build on Rudy’s momentum across the state.

California Community Leaders:

  • Carlos Bustamante, Santa Ana City Council
  • Pete Constant, San Jose City Council
  • Joni Gray, Santa Barbara County Supervisor
  • Tom Indrieri, Colusa County Board of Supervisors
  • Susan Peters, Sacramento County Supervisor
  • Jim Wattenburger, Mendocino Board of Supervisors
  • Tricia Hunter, former State Assemblywoman, San Diego
  • David Kelley, former State Senator, Riverside County
  • Ken Maddox, former State Assemblyman, Orange County

Joni Gray, Santa Barbara County Supervisor

Rudy is pressing the grassroots to each and every congressional District in California. Will this far reaching campaign pay dividends on February 5, 2008?

Count on it……..


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