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Ron Paul Watch: Neo-Nazi Leader Don Black Donates to Ron Paul Campaign Part Two


Remember the Flap?

The Lone Star Times has an exclusive post about Neo-Nazi White Nationalist Leader Don Black having contributed at least $500.00 to the Ron Paul for President campaign.

Flap has written about and the in-kind advertising the Neo-Nazi website is donating to the Paul campaign.

And Flap wondered when and if the Ron Paul campaign for President would disavow HIS association with a Neo-Nazi and his White Nationalist web site.


The Lone Star Times has been in contact with the Paul campaign as has a reader of this blog Gregor Morrill who writes:


It was brought to my attention through a blog post that the “Ron Paul 2008 – Raising to Win” online widget appears on the Stormfront web site.

Stormfront is:

“a white pride Internet forum with the motto “White Pride World Wide”. Many organizations describe it as a neo-Nazi organization, and accuse it of promoting racism, hate speech, and violence.

The blog post in question asserted that the Ron Paul campaign “placed” the ad on the site. Myself and others did not believe this was credible, given the type of site that it is, and learned that it’s a campaign widget that anyone can copy and paste on their web site. According to its statistics, the widget appears on over 2000 sites currently.So a couple questions:1) Is the Ron Paul campaign aware of and tracking all the sites that this widget is placed on? Do you actively filter which sites may or may not display the ad?
2) What is the campaign’s policy towards hate sites (such as Stormfront) advertising for Ron Paul’s campaign?
3) Will the campaign repudiate Stormfront and ask them to remove the ad?The blog post I referred to above can be found at: you for your time,
Gregor Morrill

And who follows up with this comment:

Comment by Gregor Morrill

2007-10-27 13:11:34

Who sent the second email? We all know you didn’t.

FYI: Justine Lam (eCampaign Director) did reply to my email. She’s also having Jesse Benton (Communications Director) or Don Rasmussen (position unknown) follow up with me.

I’ll blog it when I hear from them.

Well, Gregor, Flap, National Review, the Lone Star Times and America continues to wait.Why doesn’t Ron Paul simply return Don Black’s contribution and any contributions from the Neo-Nazis?Does Ron Paul need the money? Or does he care that his image is being associated with a Neo-Nazi White Supremacist? By the way, the campaign donation solicitation remains on the site this morning.

Or is Paul turning a deaf ear to wink at the Neo-Nazi association while cashing the check?

What say you Ron Paul? And, please don’t say you don’t or didn’t know about the Don Black check and Stormfront association with your campaign.

Maybe you can explain your association with Don Black with Jay Leno tonight?

Dr. Paul, it is up to you.


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  • Valerie

    Flap, did you see where RP’s campaign spokesman Jesse Benton talked to Lone Star Times blog today about the Don Black matter? You should go read it.

    Your friend and Ron Paul Supporter,

  • Keith

    PPLLLEEEAASSSEEEEE!!!!!!!! This is laugh-out-loud laughable…..Who is the genius that thought this up. Getting kind of close to the bottom of the barrel here aren’t you guys. Did you check for any ropes and nooses in the back of Dr Pauls van. Maybe a cross to burn…God Lord…The way I look at this is that Dr Paul has the least to hide of ANY candidate. The biggest thing was the money for shrimp farming research (the bill was never funded) and ultimately Dr Paul voted no, as he would have all along. Now this. Well I guess we need to crank up our ever ready internet hacker/programmers and set up a pro poligamy site for Mitt. Lets see a pro abortion site for Fred. A mobster hitman club site for Rudy. A site for Hillary detailing all the mysterious deaths of former employees, friends, campaign fundraisers (this is legit)..etc We wont even go into where these CFR candidates get their campaign money that is a whole book. Just do some research and Vote for Ron Paul. He is the real deal!