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Anti-Defamation League to Ask Ron Paul to Distance Himself from Neo-Nazi Groups

When will Ron Paul have an answer to his Neo-Nazi problem?

The latest is that the Anti-Defamation League is asking Ron Paul to distance himself from the Neo-Nazi and White Supremacist groups that have donated and are supporting his candidacy for President.

The Anti-Defamation League plans to ask Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul to distance himself from extremist groups.Paul, a U.S. congressman from Texas, has come under fire for the support his campaign has enjoyed from leading white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups.His campaign reportedly has accepted a donation from Don Black, the owner of the white supremacist Web site Stormfront. Sites for several extremist groups also feature prominent links supporting Paul’s candidacy.ADL’s assistant director of civil rights, Steven Freeman, told JTA his organization planned to communicate with Paul privately and urge him to distance himself from those groups.”If he doesn’t do that, then we will decide what we’re going to say publicly about it,” Freeman said.

So far Paul’s campaign has taken the “We Don’t Judge Who Climbs Aboard the Love Train” approach.  But, will this fly under increasing criticism outside the blogosphere?

Paul thus far has refused to return the campaign contribution from Black. In response to a question from a reporter for Reason magazine, a campaign spokesperson said, “If people who hold views that the candidate doesn’t agree with, and they give to us, that’s their loss.”The ADL previously has taken candidates to task for their ties to supremacist groups. Last year the organization slammed Larry Darby, a Democratic candidate for attorney general in Alabama, after he attended a meeting of the National Vanguard, a splinter group of the National Alliance. Darby was defeated.

Will the Anti-Defamation League picket Ron Paul events?  Will they run their own ads in Iowa and New Hampshire? 

Might the Anti-Defamation League picket and demonstrate outside his Texas based Congressional District office?  A Texas Congressional District where Ron Paul may be having some trouble ahead should he decide to run for re-election.

Stay tuned……..

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    the blogosphere is already buzzing about ron paul like crazy. i doubt it will fly under the blogosphere. Regardless of anyone’s opinion on his views, he has leveraged an incredible on-line campaign worthy of mantion.

  • Mark Stromberg

    I don’t think Ron has any issues in his own district. Last I heard Chris Peden was spending his last $400 on lottery tickets. Good luck Chris we’re all 6 numbers away.

  • Flap

    I think Ron Paul will decide to retire after he loses the Presidential race anyway.

    But, he must file in March and run for Congress concurrently.

  • Flap

    Even if it were true (your reference is dubious and considered by some as an anti-Semitic site) so what?

    Bush isn’t running.

    Ron Paul is running and has a “JEW” problem, no?

    • mark essex


      you’re rather uninformed aren’t you?

      i love the american body politic! most ignorant bunch of monkeys since the big bang! you’ve heard of that, i suppose?

    • mark essex

      it’s interesting that, when it was revealed that prescott bush did indeed do business with the nazis, the response from the zionists was that what is most important now is the palestinian issue, not the nazi issue. suddenly, the nazi issue is important again? why? because ron paul, who by the way i am no fan of, argues that the concern of the united states is the united states and this threatens the state of israel’s undeservedly privileged status in u.s. foreign policy. sorry, baby, call me what ever you want, but if that ain’t parasitic, then what is? where in the u. s. constitution is is stated that it is the responsibility of the u.s president to support or protect any foreign nation? the office of the presidency is sworn in allegiance to the u.s. constitution, nothing else! as a u.s. taxpayer, and a person of conscience, i’m quite tired of the ride. it’s time to get off.

    • Franco

      Yeah, sure. Because they support Ron Paul, they must be cranks/apologists. Face it, Ron Paul has the support of people from all walks of life, all races, all religions and all political affiliations. No other candidate unites rather than divides these diverse groups. And he’s doing better than anyone could have expected – even Zogby now says he’s likely to receive 15-18% in New Hampshire.

  • Lysander

    Here’s some info on the ADL from Wikipedia:

    Some critics allege the ADL willfully exaggerates the prevalence of anti-Semitism, especially among Muslims.[citation needed] The critics also claim that the ADL defines legitimate criticism so narrowly that even moderate analysis of Israel could be categorized as anti-Semitic.[citation needed] Some complain that criticism of Israel, even by Jews, is being attacked by the ADL as anti-semitic, and about the defamatory “tracking” of what the ADL considers “extremist” or “racist” groups, which many do not agree are racist or extreme and some actually consider patriotic, such as constitutional militia groups.[citation needed] For example, the ADL lists opposition to income taxes as extremist as containing “white supremacist” elements.[49] Jewish linguist and activist Noam Chomsky, who repeatedly came under the ADL’s criticism, [50][51] wrote in his 1989 book Necessary Illusions:

    The ADL has virtually abandoned its earlier role as a civil rights organization, becoming ‘one of the main pillars’ of Israeli propaganda in the U.S.… These efforts, buttressed by insinuations of anti-Semitism or direct accusations, are intended to deflect or undermine opposition to Israeli policies, including Israel’s refusal, with U.S. support, to move towards a general political settlement.

    …one of the ugliest, most powerful pressure groups in the U.S. … Its primary commitment is to use any technique, however dishonest and disgraceful, in order to defame and silence and destroy anybody who dares to criticize the Holy State (‘Israel’).

    Michael Lerner, a prominent left-wing rabbi, has criticized the ADL on similar grounds:

    The ADL lost most of it credibility in my eyes as a civil rights organization when it began to identify criticisms of Israel with anti-Semitism, still more when it failed to defend me when I was receiving threats to my life from right-wing Jewish groups because of my critique of Israeli policy toward Palestinians (it said that these were not threats that came from my being Jewish, so therefore they were not within their area of concern).[52]

    The ADL has also drawn fire from some Orthodox Jewish leaders who charge it is more interested in promoting a dogmatic form of secularism than in promoting religious tolerance and in the process promoting anti-Christian bigotry and hatred. Orthodox Rabbi Daniel Lapin has charged:

    The most deeply held values of the ADL are a hatred of Judaism and Christianity—and a secularization of society.[53]

    [edit] Role in cancellation of speech by Tony Judt at Polish Consulate
    The ADL, in addition to the American Jewish Committee, was criticized by a number of individuals for allegedly pressuring the Polish Consul General in New York to cancel a scheduled appearance by American academic Tony Judt at a non-profit organization that rents space from the consulate. In an interview with the New York Sun, the national director of the ADL, Abraham Foxman, claimed that the group “had nothing to do with the cancellation”,[54] insisting that the ADL only called to ask if the event was being sponsored by the Polish government.[55] This was contradicted, however, by the Polish Consul General Krzysztof Kasprzyk who claimed in an interview with the Washington Post that calls by the ADL and the American Jewish Committee, made just an hour before the scheduled event, were “exercising a delicate pressure”.[56] In reference to the role of the ADL and American Jewish Committee in organizing the cancellations, Judt told the Washington Post: “This is serious and frightening, and only in America—not in Israel—is this a problem. These are Jewish organizations that believe they should keep people who disagree with them on the Middle East away from anyone who might listen.”[56] Judt’s criticism was echoed by Rabbi Michael Lerner, who said in an interview with the Washington Post: “There is an often organized and often spontaneous attempt to marginalize anyone in the Jewish world who offers a critique of Israeli policy. It’s equated with anti-Semitism and Israel denial.”[56]

    There’s much more on the checkered past of the ADL for anyone who cares to do a google search. This attempted smear of an honorable, eithical person like Ron Paul will backfire in a big way. It is tatamount to the pot calling the kettle black. Perhaps all this will lead to an investigation into who has been sending donations to the ADL, which would be far more enlightening and interesting.

  • Flap

    The lack of citations are noteworthy as are the references to Chomsky.

    The issue is NOT the ADL but Ron Paul and his problem with JEWS.

  • Franco

    Whoops. Another smear of Ron Paul ends with a retraction. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency admits he WAS responsive to them, after one of their bloggers claimed he “won’t take calls from Jews.”

    Yesterday, Ron Kampeas of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency emailed Andrew Sullivan regarding our lead story, “Ron Paul’s Jewish Problem.” In that article, Dan Sieradski said that the Paul camp would not return the JTA’s phone calls in relation to a $500 donation given to it by Don Black, the founder of Stormfront, a white supremacist organization:

    This is kind of sensitive for me. My colleague, Daniel Sieradski, posted the “takes money from Nazis, won’t take calls from Jews” comment on his personal blog. On the other hand, he describes his exchanges with the Paul campaign in his capacity as a JTA staffer.

    The problem with all this, is that the Paul campaign WAS responsive, giving my intern here, Beth Young, an exclusive statement on where Paul stands on Israel for a story we posted yesterday (the day Dan posted his blog item.) (I have no idea why Dan was pursuing his own story when he should have known DC was pursuing a story, but that’s a boring internal JTA matter.)

    I pointed this out to my boss, asking her the best way to address the anomaly; she suggested (and I think this is wisest), that I simply point out that Dan’s blog posting is wrong, Paul does talk to the JTA – and point out Beth’s story.

    Which is what I’m doing.

    After talking to Sieradski, Kampeas forwarded Jewcy his second letter to Sullivan, which Sullivan has yet to post on his blog. Here it is in its entirety, reprinted with Kampeas’ permission:

    I wanted to clarify that I wrongly faulted Dan Sieradski in this. He posted his original comment a couple of weeks ago on his personal blog, before Paul had replied to our request. Jewcy reposted it Nov. 9, the day after I first reported Ron Paul’s statement in a short article unbylined article for JTA. Dan upated his post and alerted bloggers who had picked up the original item as soon as he was aware of Paul’s statement. I’m not acquainted with the mechanics of the blogosphere, but just like in journalism (or anything else) I guess it’s not hard for one hand to do something without the other being aware.

    And thanks for posting – between your alerting me and my seeing it, it was the fourth item on your blog. And I thought wire service writing was fast.


  • Lysander

    He has distanced himself from them. He has stated publicly, numerous times, that racism is a deplorable form of collectivism. You are either being dishonest, or you are not paying attention.

  • Lysander

    Of course he hasn’t responded to that apoplectic kook Medved. Paul would destroy his own credibility by taking anything that guy says seriously.

  • Flap

    Or is it that Ron Paul does not wish to alienate his Anti-Semitic supporters, David Duke and Don Black, among others?

    I don’t think NOT responding to Medved’s letter has anything to do with Paul’s credibility.