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Rudy Giuliani Poll Watch: Rudy 25% Huckabee 16% McCain 15% Thompson 15% Romney 12% Paul 4% in Latest USA Today/Gallup GOP Poll


KTTV News in Los Angeles reports on Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s warm reception as he stumped in Greeland, New Hampshire this weekend. Rudy talked about his proven record of cutting taxes 23 times and his commitment to lowering taxes and excess regulation to create new jobs.

USA Today/Gallup Poll:

  • Rudy 25% (28%, 11-11 thru 11-14 – 2 weeks ago)
  • Mike Huckabee 16% (10%)
  • John McCain 15% (13%)
  • Fred Thompson 15% (19%)
  • Mitt Romney 12% (12%)
  • Ron Paul 4% (5%)

Mike Huckabee has risen to second place but Rudy maintains an almost double digit lead. Mitt Romney continues in fourth place.

Survey of 425 Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents was conducted November 30-December 2. The margin of error is +/- 5 percentage points.

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