President 2008,  Ron Paul

Ron Paul Mugging and Signing Autographs for the Neo-Nazi Bunch

Ron Paul, Don Black from and his son Derek Black

Nice photo. But, at least Black received two photos for his $500 bucks.

Photos courtesy of and H/T to LGF

Guilt by association?

Well, we know Ron Paul associated……


Ron Paul Watch: Paul Will Not Return Neo-Nazi/ White Supremacist Don Black’s Contribution

Ron Paul Watch: The Neo-Nazi Problem

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  • Gabe

    lol… I’m sure he did not know who they where, this whole thing is silly 🙂 You can see what looks like random people behind him.

    This whole thing is about political correctness… and Well.. its Ron Paul, i don’t think he cares.

    Come on if you got 500 bux to do something good from bad people what would you do! Ron Paul even said he rather not give it back so they could not use it HA HA HA

  • Bismarck

    This is stupid. It’s obvious this guy and his son just got in the line like everybody else to get their pic taken. If Ron Paul were friends or close associates with them, why on earth would they be waiting in line to get his autograph? Doesn’t make any sense. If anything, the White Supremacists are trying to set him up.

  • Flap

    Nahhhhh, they heart each other. David Duke and all of the White Power guys are financially supporting Ron Paul.

    Wonder if Tim Russert will ask him about his Jew-problem on tomorrow’s MTP?

    • Bismarck

      Uh, the “White Power” guys supporting Dr. Paul doesn’t equate to Dr. Paul supporting the White Power guys. I heard him say in an interview last week that he finds their philosophy repugnant and immoral. His Jew problem? What are you talking about? Paul worships at the feet of Jewish economists, and I read that many of his campaign staff are Jewish, as well as many of the Meet-Up group leaders and members. The only “Jew” problem I can see is that some don’t like that Paul wants to quit sending money to Israel, but even that doesn’t make any sense, because he wants to quit sending money to Muslim countries, too.

      • Gregor Morrill

        Save your breath. Don’t you know that Flap is a all-knowing? He knows all about Ron Paul. If Flap says Ron Paul hearts Don Black, then it must be true. Never mind the fact that Ron Paul has clearly said he does not want the support of white supremacists, and that the philosophy of white supremacy is completely wrong and immoral.

        I’m surprised this is your best smear attempt lately, Flap. I think you can do better.

  • Flap

    Gregor, Better check a few posts ago here when Ron Paul in his own words discussed the Don Black contribution and why he as not returning the money.

    Lots of excuses and in Ron Paul’s own words.

    I don’t have to smear Ron Paul. He does it all by himself. Hahaha

    Did you seem him today on MTP?

    • Bismarck

      I found nothing wrong with what RP said about that donation. He said that now the White Power people have $500 less to do whatever they do, and he has $500 more to spread the message of freedom and liberty. For once, we have a candidate who refuses to pander to the thought police of political correctness. I find it very refreshing. As for Meet the Press, (and all the other instances where the lamestream media attempts to smear him), Dr. Paul held his own. His straw poll numbers are excellent, even the rigged national poll numbers are up, he stands to finish the 4th quarter with over $20,000,000, more than any other Republican candidate, and in many states he has MORE than the required number of delegates. Things are looking great. The word is out and people have responded. Nothing the MSM does to bring him down is having an effect, because we all know the MSM is nothing more than a lying, manipulative entity controlled by big money. We’ve had enough. See you at the polls.

    • Gregor Morrill

      Flap, better not assume I look to your blog for anything other than mild entertainment, and certainly not for news. Your previous blog isn’t news, it’s what has already been stated previously, at least over a month ago. I already know he’s not returning the money, and why he’s not.

      My previous comment is correct, and yes, posts like this are pathetic smear attempts. Ron Paul keeping the money is not him associating with Don Black.

      But by all means, don’t let logic get in your way; smear on.

      • Flap

        Gregor, what is Ron Paul going to do with all of the Money bomb receipts?

        Third party, I would say. On MTP he would not rule it out.

        All that money to run as a Libertarian again………and lose.

        What a waste.

        • Gregor Morrill

          He all but ruled it out. Repeatedly on record as saying he “has no intention to do that”, telling Russert that it’s 99.9% certainty he won’t, not to mention the fact that he already declined an LP invite to run on their ticket if he didn’t get the GOP nomination. Let’s not forget his principled record that leaves little reason to doubt what he’s saying.

          You make it sound like he’s up in the air about it. He most certainly isn’t.

          I can understand not wanting to make an absolute statement, though. He was reluctant to even run for the GOP nomination in the first place, but the support turned out stronger and more enthusiastic than he thought.