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American Al Qaeda’s Adam Gadahn Threatens Bush


Video courtesy of MEMRI TV.

California-born Al Qaeda member Adam Gadahn called on his fellow terrorists to greet President Bush with “bombs and booby-trapped vehicles” when Bush travels to the Middle East this week.

You remember Gadahn who is wanted in the USA for treason/aiding terrorists and faces the death penalty when convicted.

Rudy Giuliani said last week that the United States should redouble its efforts in Afghanistan and bring Osama bin Laden to justice. Flap can think of nothing better strategically in accomplishing a victory in the war on terror than bring Osama, Gadahn, et. al. back to the United States to stand trial and for execution.

And, Gadahn, your symbolic destruction of your American passport was weak. America will not require a passport for your return. We gladly welcome your return in shackles.