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Mohammed Cartoon Watch: Solidarity with Denmark


Michelle Malkin asked today that we show solidarity or “Sammenhold” with Denmark over the Mohammed Cartoons or Muhammed Caricatures that Flap has written about extensively here.

This is especially noteworthy since Denmark arrested five jihadists planning the murder of one of the cartoonists, Kurt Westergaard. Here is one of his Mohammed cartoons:


So, Flap calls on all in the blogosphere to show “SAMMENHOLD” with Denmark and for FREEDOM OF SPEECH and republish their favorite Mohammed Cartoon today – two years since the Flap.

And, shame on the American MSM for refusing to publish these caricatures.



Captain Ed says show solidarity as well.

Flap will be happy to link any bloggers reprinting a or many Mohammed Cartoons today. Either leave a comment or a trackback.

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