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Day By Day by Chris Muir March 28, 2008

Day By Day by Chris Muir

Flap has Fitna at this link.

The Dutch government is much relieved that there has not been an outbreak of violence over Fitna but after all they have appeased Dutch Muslim organizations.

The Netherlands breathed a sigh of relief on Friday after Dutch Muslims reacted with restraint to the release of a film by a Dutch lawmaker that accuses the Koran of inciting violence.

Dutch authorities reported a calm night after Islam critic Geert Wilders launched his movie on Thursday evening, in contrast to unrest that swept the country following the murder by a militant Islamist in 2004 of film director Theo van Gogh.

The Dutch government worked for months before the film appeared to defuse Muslim anger over its theme. In a statement broadcast live on television on Thursday in both Dutch and English, Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende said he rejected Wilders’ views.

“The government is heartened by the initial restrained reactions of Dutch Muslim organizations,” he said. “The Dutch government stands for a society in which freedom and respect go hand in hand… Let us solve problems by working together.”

Muslim groups have appealed for calm and mosques plan to open their doors to the public on Friday to defuse tension.

“Relief over a ‘mild’ Fitna,” De Volkskrant newspaper said on its front page. “Neatly told but no incitement to hate,” read the headline in the mass-circulation De Telegraaf, which said legal experts did not think Wilders had committed blasphemy.

So, the Dutch government has rejected Geert Wilder’s views and appeased Muslim organizations while protecting him from Muslim assassins.

Sounds like DHIMMITUDE to Flap.

In the meantime, Iran and Indonesia Muslims are NOT too happy about the film.

Iran called the film heinous, blasphemous and anti-Islamic and called on European governments to block any further showing.

Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation and a former Dutch colony, also condemned the film.

“We are of the view that the film has a racist flavour and is an insult to Islam, hidden under the cover of freedom of expression,” a foreign ministry spokesman said. “We call on Indonesian people not to be incited.”

Dutch Muslim leaders appealed for calm and called on Muslims worldwide not to target Dutch interests. The Netherlands is home to around 1 million Muslims out of a population of 16 million.

Stay tuned……


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  • Dennis

    I assume you have seen the Drudge Report which has the picture of McCain and Romney laughing it up on an airplane on their way to a fundraising event–with the caption, Is This The Ticket?

    I don’t make too much of this, since the fundraiser was in Utah? If Romney is on the ticket, I stay home.

    Your thoughts?

  • Flap

    McCain is fundraising and Romney wants to ingratiate himself with the party.

    No big deal.

    McCain is stubborn, holds grudges and would never choose Romney because he would never trust him.

    This is a photo of convenience since McCain is short on cash and Romney is short on appeal.

    California is such a blue state now, Dennis, I am not so sure our vote matters anyway.

  • Dennis

    Thanks for putting things in perspective. The Romney issue was on my mind because I heard Doug Macintire on KABC this morning exclaiming that this may be the ticket,and that McCain and Romney were traveling around the country together ( which is not the truth since they were traveling to Utah ). Macintire is usually full of it anyway.

    Regarding California, I agree–our vote means nothing in this state.