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Hillary Clinton Watch: Boycott the Olympics Opening Ceremony

US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton urged President George W. Bush to boycott the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, saying he should press China over Tibet and Darfur.

Hillary Clinton, like Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, called today for President Bush to boycott the China Olympics opening ceremony this summer.

Clinton is calling on Bush to boycott the Olympics opening ceremony.

An aide confirms the news, reported first — EXCLUSIVE — by Drudge.

Leaders led by German chancellor Angela Merkel have made plans to boycott the opening ceremony to press China for its crackdown in Tibet.

A coalition of groups trying to end the Sudanese government’s attacks on civilians in Darfur also called Friday on world leaders to boycott the opening ceremony to protest China’s support for Sudan’s government.

Symbolism over substance.

This action will NOT mean a damn thing. But, typical of the Democrats and especially the Clintons.