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Antonio Villaraigosa Watch: The Mayor’s “OTHER WOMAN” Mirthala Salinas Moves On


Telemundo Channel 52 Political Reporter Mirthala Salinas announces “on air” her boyfriend, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s separation from his wife.

Mirthala Salinas has moved on from her romantic relationship with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. In an interview in Los Angeles Magazine she explains and apologizes.


Read the entire interview here.

Key Graphs:

  • Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez: By 2001, she had become a reporter and weekend anchor at Channel 52. Two years later, she began dang Assemblyman Fabian Núñez, who would soon become speaker. Núñez, she says, “had been divorced for eight or ten years.” Their relationship posed no ethical conflict with her work, she says, because she was not a political reporter, never interviewed him, and did no stories about issues in which he was involved. She says she told her supervisors about the relationship. “It was never a big deal.”
  • She says that she and Núñez were serious. “I mean, we met families. But I think the timing…he was in Sacramento, I was here. He was busy, I was working weekends. It was just hard.” After six or eight months, she says, they broke up. Núñez eventually remarried his former wife. Before the breakup, however, Salinas became a friend of his good friend Villaraigosa.
  • Senator Alex Padilla: Alex Padilla? Where, Salinas wondered, had that name come from? She says—and a Padilla aide confirms—that she and Padilla had never done anything more than attend a couple of public events as friends. Indeed, almost comically old-fashioned, Salinas says she has been in love fewer than a half dozen times in her adult life.
  • Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa: “I trusted him, and I know he trusted me.” They didn’t talk about marriage, she says. But “he was so protective of me once the relationship became public, I know he loved me.”
  • In October, Mirthala Salinas’s affair with Antonio Villaraigosa came to an end.“I think it just got to the point where we both realized that it wasn’t working out as that kind of a relationship,” she says. “I don’t know what it was, I don’t know if it was being on everybody’s mouth, under the scrutiny of everybody. When I talk to my friends, they think that’s what it was.”

And, now Salinas has a new job at W Radio (690 AM) and a new boyfriend (actually a retread) who she plans to marry.


From the Mirthala Salinas – Yanni Raz website

Flap ALMOST feels sorry for Mayor Villar. He was PLAYED a FOOL and serves up a valuable lesson for politicians (and others) who think with their extremities instead of their head.

Oh, and good luck Yanni, you will NEED IT.


Mirthala Salinas and husband to be Yanni Raz, a 32-year-old Israeli-born real estate agent


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