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John McCain Watch: Environmental Folly


McCain's Folly

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News item: McCain to deliver major environmental speech Monday

John McCain will give a major speech Monday in Portland laying out his views on the environment and offering a contrast to President Bush on green issues. Speaking at Vestas Energy, the top maker of wind energy turbines, McCain will discuss climate change, the need to reduce dependency on carbon-based fuels and make plain that he wants to restore America as an environmental leader in the world, an aide said.

The speech is to lay the groundwork for an even more significant address in early June where McCain will detail his energy proposals.

McCain is not reassuring conservatives to work for him during the general election especially on environmental issues. For example, he opposes the drilling at ANWR.

If there is little difference or contrast between McCain and Obama on substantive issues, the door will be open for an Obama win as conservatives yawn and stay home.

A disaster for the GOP especially on down ticket Congressional races.

Flap suggests McCain chat with Newt Gingrich.

2 thoughts on “John McCain Watch: Environmental Folly

  1. I will have to push my self to vote for McCain in November even under the best of circumstances. However, some of the stuff I hear from him reminds me why I have never been a fan of the man.

    I was also mistaken about his age, since I thought he would be 71 if he should become President. Actually, he will be 72 going on 73. His age will be a real problem for him in the campaign.

    I often wonder how he became the nominee. I notice that Rudy seems to be keeping a low profile, whatever that may mean.

  2. Rudy has been on Fox News a few times over the last week supporting McCain. He would have been such a better nominee.

    McCain on the campaign trail already looks worn out.

    If the GOP does not adopt some new ideas and McCain does not choose a great VP like Rudy I am afraid Obama will beat him and the GOP will lose a great deal in the Congress.

    Now, Hillary will do her best to bash Obama in the next few weeks but it remains to be seen if this will be effective.

    I am thinking that Rudy Giuliani may be McCain’s best choice as VP.

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