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  1. There you go again Flap categorizing folks. I’m an educated independent voter. I don’t like Gallegly. He doesn’t seem quite bright. He doesn’t appear to vote independently as he chooses to vote for everything George Bush wants. Given Bush’s popularity, even in the 24th district, I don’t think will provide him with much support come fall. Does that mean I’m left? I am left handed. But I’m not sure what you mean by “Left”. Is that something that doesn’t agree with you? I would appreciate if Gallegly used some independent thinking and looked more into his voting rather than voting blindly. It would seem to continue an occupation of a country that never attacked us, and that is ruining our economy, to be rather idiocy. While this nation economically drowns, he proposes a memorial coin and claims the need to drive one of the most gas guzzling cars on the planet – that we are paying for. Should we call that Right, Conservative, Liberal, Left? I believe we should call that dumb and irresponsible.

  2. Here’s something for great viewing. Iraqi Parliament members spoke at a hearing in Washington. They said getting rid of Saddam Hussein was one person, we have now replaced him with one hundred. They don’t want us there, they don’t want to sign any security agreement. And finally, they stated that we created the militia that has no connection to the military they are maintaining. The militia, the ones we are fighting with tribal connections – we created them and if we go away, the Parliament members said so will the militia factions.

    jurneis last blog post..Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

  3. Is there some intelligent reason Gallegly wants to keep funding this war? Is there some intelligent reason that McCain wants to stay there for one hundred years and add Iran to the mix? Sounds dumb to me.

    jurneis last blog post..Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

  4. Just read what you wrote here and your blog and it is obvious that you are not an independent voter.

    It seems you are more into calling Gallegly names than discussing the issues.

  5. @2

    The 100 years comment is Democrat Party and Howard Dean spin, is inaccurate and has been debunked many weeks ago.

    Some independent voter, eh?

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