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Ron Paul Watch: It’s OVER Baby

Congressman Ron Paul, R-Texas

Ron Paul’s campaign for the Presidency is over.

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul will end his campaign Thursday night and announce a new effort to help elect libertarian-leaning Republicans to public office around the country.

Campaign spokesman Jesse Benton said the announcement, expected during a rally coinciding with the Texas GOP State Convention in Houston, was “not a disappointment at all. I think this is really exciting.”

Paul’s announcement will be a formality.

And, Paul will NOT endorse John McCain for President.

It was apparent that Paul would have NO role at the GOP Convention in September and he had already planned a mini alternative convention for his followers.

Paul’s impact on the GOP this fall = NONE.


  • Riley

    You say Paul’s impact on the GOP = none. I disagree. His impact may be slow in coming, but he’s got a lot of people involved in politics that have never been before. As a matter of fact, we had 14 delegates go to the State convention last week. Out of those 14, six had never been involved in politics in their life. All six of those delegates are Ron Paul supporters. One of the RP supporters was elected as a delegate to go to the National convention. There are about 20 RP supporters running for office this year all around the country. RP’s impact may not be immediate to the GOP, but there is definitely an impact. The impact that the GOP might feel this year is when the RP supporters don’t vote for McCain!

  • Flap

    Most of Ron Paul’s supporters would never have voted for John McCain or any GOP nominee anyway. And, the number of delegates is miniscule.

    Impact on GOP = NONE.

  • Riley

    You missed my point about the delegates. It’s that RP HAS made an impact on the GOP by getting people involved, people that have never been involved before.

    I always love it when people say what RP supporters would and wouldn’t do. Like they know us better than we know ourselves. I, for one, would vote for a GOP candidate if I thought they were truly a Republican, a conservative Republican. I’ve done it every year since I’ve been able to vote — until this year. And I’m not alone on that one. I’ve heard a lot of other people that didn’t vote for RP say they couldn’t vote for McCain either. McCain’s impact on the GOP = less Republicans and more Democrats. Great candidate the GOP has this year!

  • Flap

    Most of Ron Paul’s supporters are either Democrats, LIbertarians or Constitution Party members who re-registered into the GOP so they could vote for Paul. They won’st stay in the party or vote for its candidates.

    Ron Paul is a fringe candidate and like them all will fade away when the novelty and money dries up.

  • Riley

    You’re wrong again. We belong to two different meet-up groups, none of its members were Democrats, Libertarians or Constitution party members — they are ALL Republicans.

    Also, it’s not RP that people love, it’s his MESSAGE. That’s what we’re afraid IS fading away, his message of freedom and living by the Constitution. As for the money, he raised more money in one day than any other candidate. Six million dollars in one day isn’t chump change, my friend. He also continues to raise money for other like-minded candidates.

    I know you will not change what you think about the RP Revolution, but believe me (because I’m a part of it, you are not. I know what I see, you only see what you want to see) it’s out there and going strong. As a matter of fact, I’m off to a fundraiser tonight for a candidate, and, yes, I’m taking a nice-size check to the candidate too. The money’s there for candidates that want to live by the Constitution. But you have the right to your opinion…until they take that away from you too!

  • Flap

    I have talked or communicated with many Ron Paul supporters over the past year or so and the vast majority were not registered GOP and promised to switch back should Ron Paul not win the Presidential nomination which he didn’t.

    Ron Paul’s message is essentially a mixture of populist, libertarian isolationism and will simply diffuse once this election cycle is over.

    Many of the Ron Paul folks have a propensity to think that money will buy you love and elections. It won’t and doesn’t.

    The Ron Paul revolution will fade just like other fringe candidate movements have. Why?

    Whatever good points Ron Paul has will be absorbed into the two major political parties – just like Borg assimilation.

    Good luck on your fundraiser. I am sure the candidate will appreciate your generosity.

  • Riley

    I think you’re wrong again about RP supporters thinking money will buy you love and elections (by the way, you were the one that mentioned “when the money fades.” I was just trying to make my point that it hasn’t and won’t). I don’t believe it does at all, but it sure does help a candidate get their word out.

    Anyway, you keep thinking your way and we’ll keep getting involved and hopefully start changing government little by little by electing people that follow the Constitution. And it may only be one or two people per election cycle that we’re able to get voted in, but it’s a start. If the thought of having people in office that follow the Constitution scares you, as apparently it has a lot of people, then I feel for you. But maybe as we move closer and closer to socialism, or worse, you can look back and think, gee, maybe that Ron Paul was right!

    I have to get to work now so I can help pay for all the government programs! Have yourself a great day.