Russia Vs. Georgia Watch: Russia Violates Truce


Civilians walk towards a Georgian soldiers as he patrols the town of Gori on August 12. The United States has called on NATO to hold an extraordinary meeting of foreign ministers in Brussels next week to discuss the crisis in Georgia

Russia violates a brokered truce with Georgia and moves troops deep into Georgian territory.

A Russian military convoy thrust deep into Georgia on Wednesday and Georgian officials said Russian troops bombed and looted the crossroads city of Gori, violating a freshly brokered truce intended to end the conflict.

In the west, Georgia’s weakened military acknowledged its soldiers had pulled out entirely from Abkhazia, leaving both breakaway regions at the heart of the fighting in the hands of Russian-backed separatists.

Even as the Russian troops moved deep into Georgian territory from the separatist region of South Ossetia, a few dozen fighters from Abkhazia offered their own brazen challenge, planting their flag on a bridge over the Inguri River — outside the rebel territory.

“The border has been along this river for 1,000 years,” separatist official Ruslan Kishmaria told AP on Wednesday. He said Georgia would have to accept the new border and taunted the departed Georgian forces by saying they had received “American training in running away.”

Anyone NOT think this aggression by Russia is about oil. Look at the map.


By occupying Georgia, Russia cuts off the flow of oil and natural gas from Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan to the Black Sea. Russia will control the oil flow whose destination is Europe.

Will Ukraine up the stakes in this oil war?

And, what will be NATO’s response be? So, far, Flap hears crickets.

Not good.

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