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Meg Whitman Apparently A Go for California Governor Race

Meg whitman

Meg Whitman, formerly President and CEO of eBay

So Says Ben Smith over at Politico. But, it has been known for quite some time here in California GOP circles.

Whitman will first have to beat the only elected statewide GOP officeholder, Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner in the June 2010 primary election and then likely face off against Democrat former California Governor and current Attorney General Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown.

Let’s look at a fairly recent poll:

california governor 2012 fav vs unfav

Meg Whitman will have the support of California conservatives, Proposition 8 (pro-traditional marriage) supporters and will be able to self-fund a formidable advertising campaign.

Stay tuned………


The Poitico had another piece later in the day outlining an uphill battle for Whitman.

“The good news for Meg Whitman is that she’s a billionaire and can finance a lavish campaign. The bad news is that her main rival, state Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner, is also a billionaire and can match her dollar for dollar,” said John J. Pitney Jr., a political science professor at California’s Claremont McKenna College.

Despite her national profile, Whitman still faces an uphill climb in terms of voter identification. A November statewide survey of 527 registered voters conducted by the Field Poll showed that 67 percent had no opinion of the former eBay CEO while 17 percent held a favorable view and 16 percent viewed her negatively.

Flap thinks Whitman has “the outsider” working for her, especially since California voters are “pissed off” with Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Democrat dominated California Legislature.

A fresh face is perhaps what the voters want, especially if she is to face retread California Governor Jerry Brown.

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