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John Edwards FINALLY Admits He Fathered a Child With Reille Hunter


Good Grief. After all, Edwards DID Admit he had an affair with the woman. But, he denied he was the father of the baby.

Watch the video interview:

Airing Date Aug.8, 2008 John Edwards ABC “Night Line” Interview On His Adultery

Now, John Edwards does the right thing.

John Edwards has finally confessed to his cancer-stricken wife Elizabeth what the rest of the world already knows – that he fathered a child with his mistress.

Edwards made the belated admission to his wife in an effort to stop ex-lover Rielle Hunter from going public, sources told The ENQUIRER.

In Part two of the interview, John Edwards blatantly LIES about the paternity of the child he NOW admits he fathered:

What a CAD.

Now, about that child support…….


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  • Cherubim

    I think the National Enquirer is desperate, and is using John Edwards stories to make money.
    The National Enqirer is disgusting.
    Read about the financial state of
    the National Enquirer here:

    AMI Restructures Debt, Avoids Bankruptcy Bondholders take control of publisher; Pecker remains CEO.(2/1/09)
    By Jason Fell


    National Enquirer and Star publisher American Media has, for all practical purposes, gone bust.

    The AMI has been battling bankruptcy rumors for months, after taking on too much debt. Clearly, AMI couldn’t afford to pay back what they owe. So now they’ve come to a resolution: handing 95% of the company over to creditors! Which means that David Pecker and the other investors who bought the company nine years ago have been left a stake that’s worth next to nothing. This is, uh, “avoiding” bankruptcy:

    The agreement, which reduces the company’s debt by $227.2 million, transfers ownership of 95 percent of AMI’s common stock to bondholders, the company said Sunday evening. CEO David Pecker… and Evercore Partners bought American Media in 1999 for $850 million.

  • Flap

    The same can be said of the Los Angeles and New York Times.

    Both are on the verge of bankruptcy.

    Also, the San Francisco Chronicle.

  • Ling

    Pitiful. The Dems can count their lucky stars they didn’t nominate Edwards for either President or VP. In fact, John Kerry must be thinking he’s lucky he didn’t win in 2004. This would have destroyed his Presidency.

  • Snoop-Diggity-DANG-Dawg

    I think the National Enquirer is desperate, and is using John Edwards stories to make money. The National Enqirer is disgusting.

    ha. ha. ha. ha. ha.

    Yes indeed, the big-bad ole’ national enquirer is the real villain here, isn’t it? Poor Johnny Edwards. No doubt legions of his deluded zombies will try to hold this up as proof of what an honest man he is. *sheesh*

    This shithead has never been anything but a egomaniacal liar, but some people just can learn anything.