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Conservative William Rusher Pens His Last Column


William Rusher

The end of another era for the RIGHT in the United States – William Rusher has written his last column.

I began writing these columns 36 years ago and have come to the conclusion that it’s time to bring them to a close. It’s certainly not a problem of lacking subject matter. It’s simply that I am 85 now, and the energy and creative juices are just not what they used to be. Anyone in that age bracket will know what I mean.

Flap remembers back in the 80’s when Rusher was the Publisher of the National Review and wrote a letter to Rusher about his book,  The Rise of the Right. To Flap’s surprise I received a handwritten note in reply.

I understand he always handled his own correspondence.


An archive of his Townhall columns is here and the Claremont Institute here.

Here is a long interview with Rusher regarding the American Conservative movement:

Conversations host Harry Kreisler speaks with William A. Rusher, former publisher of the “National Review”

Bill will be remembered fondly and will have many years of happy retirement.

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