Evolution,  Mike Pence

Mike Pence Hedges on Evolution and Looks Like a Fool

Indiana GOP Congressman Mike Pence on Hardball with Chris Matthews

Why is Mike Pence dodging questions on evolution, creation and then spins to Global Warming?

Pence comes off as a typical POL with no clear views on the issues because he does not wish to offend any of his constituencies and Matthews makes a FOOL of him.

Is there any wonder why American voters are leaving both Democrat and Republican Parties, becoming independents and upset about their government?

Work on your beliefs and then your message, Congressman.

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One Comment

  • John Stoos

    I wish I could be around a few hundred years from now we they all make fun of folks like Chris who were so attached to the latest scientific theory, evolution, which to them will be about as indefensible as the flat earth theory!


    PS: I don’t think the liberals “planted all the fossils”