Hillary Clinton,  North Korea

North Korea Calls Hillary Clinton Vulgar and Unintelligent

hillary clinton july 22

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during the ASEAN-US Ministerial Meeting in Phuket July 22, 2009

Did North Korea bug the White House and overhear a conversation between President Obama and Rahm Emanuel?

No, I suppose not.

The war of words between North Korea and the United States escalated Thursday, with North Korea’s Foreign Ministry lashing out at Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in unusually personal terms for “vulgar remarks” that it said demonstrated “she is by no means intelligent.”

Clinton, who earlier this week likened North Korea to an unruly child, has rallied international isolation of North Korea at a 27-member regional security forum here. She met with her Russian, Chinese, South Korean and Japanese counterparts — the other key partners in suspended six-nation disarmament talks–and won strong statements of support from many delegations.

And, remember when President Bush was criticized for calling out North Korea as a member of the Axis of Evil?

Now, Hillary Clinton will trade insults.

Wow! Big diplomacy going on here.

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