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Audra Strickland to Run for Ventura County Supervisor


California GOP Assemblywoman Audra Strickland and her husband Tony, the former Assemblyman and current GOP California State Senator, Camarillo, California September 2008, Photo by Flap

Audra Strickland made it official today. She is running against Linda Parks, the incumbent Ventura County Supervisor, for the Thousand Oaks area supervisorial seat.

Assemblywoman Audra Strickland announced this afternoon that she is running for 2nd District Ventura County supervisor.

The district includes Thousand Oaks and nearby areas and is currently represented by Supervisor Linda Parks. She will be up for re-election on the June primary ballot.

Strickland’s Assembly district includes the Conejo Valley, but until recently she lived in Moorpark, outside the 2nd District.

At a news conference today, Strickland said her family moved to Thousand Oaks a week ago. Seeking to head off criticism of district-shopping, or “carpetbagging,” she called Parks “a single-issue candidate” focused on environmentalism, and said she “might as well be a carpetbagger from Berkeley.

“There seems to be a resounding message about the lack of true representation of our community on the county Board of Supervisors,” Strickland said.

Watch for a bruising, rough and tumble campaign. Linda Parks has been a nominal Republican at best having supported Democrat Hannah-Beth Jackson for California State Senate against Audra’s husband, Tony. The full force of the Ventura County Republican Party will be for Audra.

Moreover, Parks has been an anti-business environmentalist while on the County Board and as a City Councilwoman in Thousand Oaks.

Will the anti-incumbent mood of the voters and a well financed campaign against Parks be successful?

My bet is Yes.

Stay tuned……

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  • camberly lillich

    NO MORE AUDRA! We’ve had enough of politicians at the trough and that’s what you and your husband are. Please stay in Moorpark and don’t move out to Thousand Oaks. You’re not welcome here.

  • Paul Mazzapica

    Mrs Strickland,
    I run a advertising business that might be good for your run for supervisor.I have TVs units in Simi and Ventura,That are in sports grills, Diners workout places Doctor’s office’s etc. They play local ads for businesses on a loop and only play the ads on them.
    Think about it people seeing your name about 300 to 500 times a day,If this is something you would do for you run for supervisor please call or E-mail

    Thanks for your time
    Paul Mazzapica
    M&M Media group

  • Paul Coy

    Linda Parks is a R.I.N.O. and needs to be defeated. You liberals have already stolen too many of our freedoms and libertys. Vote for Audra for true conservative principles.

  • Bill Bertram

    Linda Parks must be defeated, she is a lier and is only concerned with her own agenda, and not the people she represents, She will tell you anything and reverse what she says depending on who she is talking to i.e. the horse people in the Santa Rosa Valley or the folks who want to use the Santa Rosa Park for something other than horses, Got it linda you know who I am.


  • Sailor40

    We’ve had enough of the RINO candidates like Linda. Audra is a true Republican who is actually concerned about the people and not about her political stance. We need many more like her to put our financial house in order in the State and the County.