J.D. Hayworth,  John McCain

AZ-Sen: Say Good Bye to J.D. Hayworth and the John McCain Challenge

JD Hayworth filmed this infomercial in November 2007 for a company called National Grants Conferences – widely regarded as a fraud and a scam.

Put a fork in J.D. Hayworth and his Republican Primary challenge to Senator John McCain – He’s done.


  • another John Galt

    no worse than any other poor choice, according to most. liberal? as long as the boy isn’t deceased. conservative? better be your wife of 55 yrs in bed with you, and have never, ever, done anything that can be construed as a lapse of judgement, speeding in a school zone, spelling mishap, or calling you opponent a juvenile derogatory name.

  • Alexi

    The big spender should not shock anyone by this infomercial. JD has never had any ethics or morals, this is typical, classic JD style.