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CA-Gov Video: Jerry Brown’s Solution to Illegal Aliens – Slow Down Modernization in Mexico

Former California governor Jerry Brown on the Ronn Owens radio show (KGO-San Francisco) on April 9, 1996.

Granted it was in 1996 but Jerry Brown’s thought processes are the same today: Far Left “Moonbeam” nonsense, no matter how you spin it.

Meg Whitman is not the most perfect candidate but compared to Brown……well, just wait, if this career idiot is elected.

One thought on “CA-Gov Video: Jerry Brown’s Solution to Illegal Aliens – Slow Down Modernization in Mexico

  1. IMMEDIATE AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS–If Liberal Democrats are back in Washington

    These are the most critical points to bear in mind, when arriving at the polling stations to vote. The most treacherous person to re-elect is Senator Harry Reid of Nevada. Part of his main formula in issues, is the passage of Amnesty for all illegal immigrants squatting in this country. Second to go should be Senator Barbara Boxer as she has been conditioned by the Liberal hierarchy, and has attributed to the out spending rampage, the illegal alien benefits in California. Hopefully Carly Fiorina will win on her merits and stop this third country, banana republic, low income poor importation. Nancy Pelosi has become another arrogant personage who also is pushing for another Amnesty and needs to become a example of anti-American labor force. Amnesty must be sterilized as the cost will compel another Path to Citizenship that should terrify every prudent American. The most nonpartisan organization known as the Heritage Foundation, has calculated the dollar numbers and projected that that to create this new law will cost US taxpayers–$ 2.6 TRILLION DOLLARS. This is just at the federal level and doesn’t take into account State and local government expenditures.

    America already owes foreign governments 11 to 13 Trillion dollars and an additional 2.6 Trillion dollars is an incomprehensible financial nightmare. Then again, Liberal-Democrats want to share our Social Security with illegal aliens (Voted May 2006)? This is the height of disgusting, when retirees and the disabled have been told no increase next year, owing to low inflation. Many recipients cannot even manage on the Social Security check as it is, yet the US government has money to hand out to illegal labor and their families.

    GOOGLE–Harry Reid; Amnesty; Path to Citizenship; always add illegal alien costs. Investigating these keywords will offer hundreds of articles and reports of taxes you’re paying to support this pestilence. The welfare entitlement programs from federal, state and local government are being compromised by foreign nationals, who are pilfering your money through over-taxation; blue and white collar jobs; the lowering of wages.

    Gubernatorial Wannabe Jerry Brown ideology is one of the same as Reid, Boxer and the Mayor of the Sanctuary City of San Francisco Gavin Newsom, while California’s budget remains crippled. All these Liberals disguised as Centralist Democrats are pro–AMNESTY. All would pass bills to open tuition fees to illegal alien children on the taxpayers back in colleges and state universities and keep the massive welfare programs from Sacramento.We must clean the rancid air in this sanctuary state and stop catering to illegal aliens, who are criminals; they broke the law. The second most disgraceful issue is that of voter fraud resurfacing around the country. In most states there are no compulsory regulations to identifying the voter and so the federal system can be effortlessly compromised. The “Honor System” died back in the early 1990, and trust went out the window. Just GOOGLE–Voter fraud and highlight registration groups such being (ACORN) Association of Community Organization for Reform Now with workers complicit in changing the direction of the vote as in previous elections.

    This can be a serious threat in races, which are within a hairs breath of each candidate winning. With just 20 days left until the Nov. 2 midterm election, party tensions in Houston Texas are running high over allegations of enormous voter fraud. Amid the conclusion were that only 1,793 of the 25,000 registrations the group submitted appeared to be valid. Elicit registrations included one of a woman who registered six times in the same day; registrations of illegal aliens; so many applications from one of the Houston Voters collectors in one day, that it was deemed to be beyond human ability; and 1,597 registrations that named the same individual multiple times, often with different signatures. Now the Liberal nonprofit Houston Votes 2010, along with Tex Together Fund, are being investigated by the state’s attorney general’s agency over allegations of fraud, conspiracy and ties to the New organized Black Panthers. Other voter fraud has began to materialize elsewhere across the country, more so in registrations.

    If it wasn’t for the Tea Party’s vigilance this type of voter fraud would have remained likely undisclosed, especially now the Liberal-Democrats party is under the axe. We must be particularly heedful of illegal aliens voting–either deliberately or because both parties have not illustrated federal regulations strong enough, warning of the consequences. Illegal aliens have already broken laws on illegal passage into the US, so affecting the course of any general election has no significant risk with imprisonment or a hurtful fine; just deportation. The third issue is to enforce laws we already passed in 1986 by Congress. If enforced the regulations would have curtailed employers hiring. Build the–REAL–double fence at the border and finish it, not the single strand one wall? There is also evidence that illegal immigrants without exclusionary criminal convictions are being released at ICE discretion back on the streets, which according to the Simpson/Mazzoli law is illegal.

    Being in this country illegally should require deportation, as it will obviously compel more people to enter America. Sen. H. Reid and Senate Democrats of nearly tabling E-Verify, limiting the effect of this labor verification program to a voluntary law. The 287(g) local police enforcement authority is now in the justice system as a class action law suit, to overturn the law. The usual court filing excuse is it leads to racial profiling, particularly among Latinos, creating a dread of authority in non-citizen communities. The crisis being that we have been invaded and over the last two decades of people attracting to jobs and accessing public benefits. This is why Border States have condemned themselves to a massive influx of illegal households subsisting on freebies, using bogus documents or bringing babies here for citizenship to exploit the nationwide entitlement system. Research on any Computer Search Engine Browser and seek your own truths and not the lies fabricated by the Liberal media or the colluding politicians.

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