Day By Day,  Nancy Pelosi

Day By Day November 17, 2010 – Cinderella

Day By Day by Chris Muir

Chris, somehow I think that Sam will be drinking even more with Zed going to Afghanistan. 

And, talk about fairy tales, look at Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her attempt to hold onto political power.

The Democratic old guard will try to hold the line Wednesday against a rank-and-file rebellion intent on winning some concession — no matter how small — from a leadership team seeking reelection despite having presided over the loss of at least 60 Democratic seats earlier this month.

The leadership election follows on the heels of a brutally long, contentious and divisive leadership meeting Tuesday, and it will determine not only whether Speaker Nancy Pelosi remains the head of the House Democratic contingent but just how much authority she will wield in the new Congress come January.

Symbolism without substance will equal the continued morass for the Democrats with Nancy Pelosi in a leasdership position. She will have NO real power and younger Democrats will be stifled to change the perception of the party.

It is all good for conservatives and the GOP.


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