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Poll Watch: California Republicans Can Gain Ground with Hispanic Voters If They Become Democrats

You think I am kidding?

A statewide survey of California Latino voters released today showed that while this important voting demographic has a somewhat negative view of Republicans, there nevertheless exists an opportunity for Republicans to make inroads into the Latino community. The poll, conducted by veteran GOP pollster Bob Moore with strategic counsel from well-regarded GOP strategist Marty Wilson, surveyed 400 California Latino voters from March 12-14 and has a margin of error of +/- 5 percent at the 95 percent confidence level.

Here are the specific findings:

  • Latino voters are generally negative about the Republican Party (26 percent favorable/47 percent unfavorable/27 percent no opinion) and widely positive about the Democrat Party (62/22/17).
  • The GOP is not going to win many Latino voters by stressing conservatism; only 22 percent suggest that Republicans should, “stick to core values and nominate true Conservatives.”
  • Philosophically, a third are self-described “Conservatives,” a third are Moderate and a quarter are Liberal.
  • The Arizona immigration law is widely unpopular; only 25 percent approve, while 71 percent disapprove of the law.
  • On the positive side for Republicans, more than seven-in-10 voters will consider a candidate who says, “secure the border first, stop illegal immigration, then find a way to address the status of people already here illegally” (73 percent favorable reaction).
  • Further good news for Republicans is that more than six-in-10 Latino voters are likely to consider voting for a GOP candidate who would “ensure all children had a chance at a first rate education” (69 percent would), who they agreed with on improving the economy and creating jobs (65 percent) and with whom they agree on protecting America from terrorists (63 percent).

Here is the latest California census map which shows the growth of the California Hispanic population.

The fact is despite my friend Marty Wilson’s happy moment in this poll. California Republicans as are most of America’s GOP are right of center and are not going to change their political philosophy in order to win elections – even in California. California liberalism with pandering to Hispanics, Asians and African-Americans has created a bankrupt state with major structural problems, like education, high taxes and an unfavorable business climate.

California Republicans will have to pick their battles and win those seats where voters do not vote their racial or national origin, but vote for candidates on the issues.

Unfortunately, for the California GOP, California has become a very blue Democratic state like New York and Massachusetts. California will remain so for the foreseeable future, regardless of whatever Hispanic outreach/pandering is pursued by the GOP .

The entire poll is here (PDF).