David Prosser,  Scott Walker,  Wisconsin

Video: Wisconsin Reforms in Peril – The Wisconsin Supreme Court Election on April 5th

On Tuesday, April 5, Supreme Court Judge Dave Prosser — the swing vote on the court — is up for re-election in Wisconsin. If he loses, the Walker reforms on collective bargaining and education reform die with him. The liberals are in the lead with ads saying Prosser=Walker and phony allegations that he did not prosecute a child molestor. We need to get involved, active, and engaged to save Prosser!

So, if you live in Wisconsin vote and if you do NOT, then go here and contribute a few bucks.

“Citizens for Impartial Justice” was formed to insure that the Wisconsin Supreme Court remains impartial and does not become an activist court. Our independent PAC is committed to support the voters in recognizing the outstanding accomplishments of David Prosser, and returning him to the Court for another 10 years. He has established a record of strict construction and adherence to well developed precedent. Justice Prosser does not work to expand the court’s role in our lives; he rejects extreme positions.

Prosser’s fair and impartial service on the Wisconsin Supreme Court over the past 12 years is a credit to Wisconsin’s long tradition of scholarly and well balanced development of the law. He works to instill collegiality on a Court in the face of an aggressive and manipulative bloc of Justices intent on rendering decisions based on personality and power aggrandizement. He deserves reelection!

His record is impressive:
– 12 years –Supreme Court appointed in 1998 by Governor Tommy Thompson
– 2 years Wisconsin tax Appeals Commission
– 18 Years Wisconsin State Assembly; 2 years as Speaker.
– Outagamie County District Attorney
– United States Department of Justice Attorney
– Staff of the Honorable Harold Froehlich during the Nixon Impeachment

A vote for Prosser is a vote for fair and impartial justice with no gimmicks
and no personal agenda.