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Flap’s Links and Comments for April 4th on 18:32

These are my links for April 4th from 18:32 to 18:36:

  • Will Jerry Brown do conservative talk radio on his tour? – So Guv Brown is hitting the road to visit conservative California and try to get them to goose their representatives so he can pass his budget plan. For some reason this reminds us of Albert Brooks telling his wife in "Lost in America" that "it's time to get out. We have to touch Indians." (Partial H/T to our Pittsburgh homeboy Dennis Miller.)

    Jerry already has an invitation from one of the uh, chiefs: Conservative radio host/Chronnie Award winner Eric Hogue. He's invited the Guv to be on his noon "Capitol Hour" (1380 KTKZ) show this week for a full hour. Says Hogue:

    "I know this seems very self-serving, but I thought it to be (somewhat) news worthy considering …

    Hogue just told us that "This morning I spoke with his scheduling department; they informed me that they (Gov's scheduling staff) is considering the opportunity, and they would return with a phone call later today, or tomorrow."


    Good Luck Eric.

    What I would really want to see would be Jerry Brown doing KFI's John and Ken.

  • California Redevelopment officials are offering pig in a poke – When Gov. Jerry Brown proposed to abolish more than 400 local redevelopment agencies and redirect billions of dollars in property taxes, the state's redevelopment industry shifted into political overdrive.

    Redevelopment officials claimed that abolition would devastate efforts to improve local economies and cost hundreds of thousands of jobs.

    However, independent analysts agree that redevelopment, while lucrative to subsidy-seeking developers, provides no substantial improvement to the state's overall economy.

    The agencies skim more than $5 billion a year off the top of the property tax pot each year, and the state must make up about $2 billion of that hefty diversion in extra payments to schools.

    Brown is saying, in effect, that the state can't afford to subsidize local development schemes and wants the money back.


    Read it all – CA Redevelopment Agencies are Big Government at its worst.