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Democrat Senator Dick Duban to Introduce Bill to Tax Internet Sales

Senator Dick Durbin (L) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid listen to a fellow senator speak about the budget in the Capitol in Washington April 7, 2011

Yeah, this is all the American economy needs – more taxes.

A Democratic senator is preparing to introduce legislation that aims to end the golden era of tax-free Internet shopping.

The proposal–expected to be made public soon after Tax Day–would rewrite the ground rules for Internet and mail order sales by eliminating the ability of Americans to shop at Web sites like and without paying state sales taxes.

Here we go for a national sales tax and/or a Value Added Tax (VAT) like in Europe. The Democrats are tax and spend socialists who cannot resist taxing Americans blind.

And, for what?

Get this: FAIRNESS

“Why should out-of-state companies that sell their products online have an unfair advantage over Main Street bricks-and-mortar businesses?” Durbin said in a speech in Collinsville, Ill., in February. “Out-of-state companies that aren’t paying their fair share of taxes are sticking Illinois residents and businesses with the tab.”

Fair share of what?

This is a tax grab, plain and simple. And, a disaster for the economy.

What Democrats like Durban really want is MORE tax revenue that they can redistribute to their constituents in order to buy votes.

Just say NO to internet sales taxes at the state and federal level.


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