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Flap’s Links and Comments for April 21st on 11:36

These are my links for April 21st from 11:36 to 11:51:

  • Owners of Chuy’s restaurants in AZ, CA, indicted for Hiring Illegal Aliens – Federal agents arrested owners of several Arizona and California restaurants Wednesday on an indictment charging them with hiring illegal immigrants and evading taxes.

    Agents raided 15 Chuy's Mesquite Broiler restaurants in both states and served 20 search warrants. They detained about 40 suspected illegal immigrants who were working at the restaurants when the raids took place, Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman Vincent Picard said.

    The father and son independently own about 20 restaurants in the Chuy's chain. A company accountant also was arrested on a 19-count indictment.

    Mark Evenson, 58, of the Phoenix suburb of Paradise Valley, and his son, Christopher Evenson, 39, of Oro Valley, Ariz., were being held pending an initial appearance Thursday in U.S. District Court in Tucson.

    The Evensons and accountant Diane Strehlow, 47, of Tempe, Ariz., are accused of hiring illegal immigrants for the company's kitchen operations and paying them under the table. They did not collect state or federal income taxes for those employees, according to the indictment.

    Meanwhile, staff who worked with the public were legal workers and taxes were taken out of their checks.

    An attorney who has previously represented the Evensons in a civil case said he could not comment on the new indictment. Court records don't yet reflect an attorney in the criminal case. A message left at a telephone listing for Strehlow wasn't immediately returned.

    Eric W. Rose, a spokesman for the company that owns the franchising rights to the restaurant chain's name, said officials were "deeply concerned by the alleged actions" of the Evensons and Strehlow.

    Rose said the allegations of tax fraud and illegal hiring practices "do not represent the values and ideals of the Chuy's Mesquite Broiler Restaurants, the independent owners or our employees."

    He also pointed out that the Evensons have no ownership in several Chuy's locations in California and one in Tucson.


    E-Verify is desperately needed.

    How about passing a bill House GOP?

  • Capitol Weekly looks at 100 California political warriors – Well, here it is: Capitol Weekly’s list of 100 political players. But since we don’t want you to gag, we’re giving it to you piecemeal. This week, we’re providing 51 through 100. Next week, we’ll do 1 through 50.  After that, we’ll disconnect the phones and head to Puerto Penasco.

    The most interesting aspect of this year’s rundown is that it clearly reflects the impact of the new Brown administration. Jerry Brown owes his election, in large part, to organized labor. And labor’s clout is demonstrated throughout with a number of labor chiefs and their lobbyists. The list really is a snapshot in time and “Top 100” may be a misnomer here: The rankings change yearly, even quarterly or monthly, as new players arrive, veterans depart and the administration goes through growing pains.

    Lists like these are interesting not only for who’s on them, but for who isn’t. There’s no Maria Shriver, no Susan Kennedy, no Henry Gomez. There’s no Grover Norquist, despite a dozen demands that we put him on – if he wants to be on our list, he can move to California.


    Read it all.

    51-100 this week…..

    Hold on to your hats for 1-50.

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