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California Legislators Push New Internet Sales Tax Bill to Thwart Referendum

What games the Democrats in the California Legislature play to impose or collect new taxes.

A group of California legislators plans to pass a new online sales tax bill in a move to thwart tax opponent

Lawmakers today used a “gut-and-amend” procedure that takes an existing bill and substitutes an online sales tax measure. The bill passed the Senate Appropriations Committee today.

In late June, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill requiring Amazon and other online retailers to begin collecting sales tax on California transactions. The bill passed on a regular, majority vote. Amazon has refused to collect the tax and launched a referendum to have it overturned.

But Larry Levin, a spokesman for Sen. Loni Hancock, D-Oakland, said the new legislation would be different. It would pass on a two-thirds supermajority and would carry an “urgency” clause. That means it can’t be subject to ballot referendum, Levin said.

I would urge my fellow Republicans in the California Legislature to BLOCK this tax increase on California taxpayers and allow the referendum process sort out the law.