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Flap’s Links and Comments for September 28th on 08:03

These are my links for September 28th from 08:03 to 08:06:

  • Labor Secretary Hilda Solis To Headline AFL-CIO Union Organizing ‘Summit’ – In yet another example the Obama Administration’s pandering to its union cronies while thumbing its nose at the other 88% of America that is union free, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis will be headlining (at taxpayer expense) to an AFL-CIO “summit” later this week in Minneapolis. The subject of the conference? How to target and unionize young people (and others).


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  • Obama’s Labor Department Blasted in Public Comments Over Dangerous ‘Persuader’ Proposal – Last week, the public comment period closed on the Obama Labor Department’s proposed regulatory change to alter a 1959 law that would make employers and their service providers (attorneys and various consultants) file financial disclosure statements and make personal information public, all in order to give union bosses hit lists of individuals and companies to target. Prior to the closing of the public comment period, there were nearly 6,000 comments—4,000 of which came within the last ten days or so as more people became aware of  the union-backed proposed rule.


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