Scott Walker

Scott Walker Video: Promises Kept


In this web video, Governor Walker lays out the specific promises he made while campaigning in 2010 including addressing the state’s high unemployment rate, balancing the budget, eliminating the deficit and holding the line on taxes.

Here is the transcript:

Hi, I’m Scott Walker.

In the three years before I was elected, Wisconsin lost 150,000 jobs.

We promised to help employers create jobs.

Today, Wisconsin’s unemployment rate, it’s the lowest it’s been since 2008.

We kept our promise to balance the budget without raising taxes, and without massive layoffs, protecting jobs, and eliminating a $3.6 billion deficit.

We promised to hold the line on property taxes, and after years of tax increases, school property taxes actually went down.

Because public employees now contribute to their health and pension benefits, we were able to put more money back into the classroom, increase funding for healthcare for our seniors, and keep thousands of firefighters, police officers, and teachers on the job.

We can’t go back to the days of billion dollar budget deficits and double digit tax increases.

Help me oppose the recall, and let’s use the foundation we’ve built to keep moving Wisconsin forward.

And, it looks like the recall election of Governor Walker may very well be held later in the election season – possibly May for the primary election and then June for the general.