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CA-Sen: Ex- California POL Chuck DeVore Cannot Let Go

You would think this Texas living, ex-California Assemblyman would let this year’s California U.S. Senate race just happen, right?


Chcuk DeVore went to my friend, Jon Fleischman’s site and penned this endorsement of Dan Hughes who is running in the California June Primary election for United States Senate. The incumbent is long time Democrat U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Dan’s leading opponent, Elizabeth Emken, ran for Congress in 2010 and placed fourth in a four person GOP primary despite putting in significant personal money. Emken’s biggest political contribution before that, other than to her own campaign, was the $1,000 she and her husband gave to liberal Republican-turned-Democrat Senator Arlen Specter in the year he ran against conservative champion Pat Toomey, now a U.S. Senator. Her main efforts in public policy have been to lobby to have more state government health insurance mandates – a policy that drives up the cost of insurance for all of us. In fact, she was even paid $151,486 to professionally lobby Democrat Members of Congress to expand what ObamaCare covers and what we taxpayers are on the hook for.

Dan Hughes has been in the race only a brief time while Elizabeth Emken has been running since last year. Yet Emken has only generated around $39,000 while Hughes is the top fundraiser among Senate GOP candidates. Dan is a committed and very hard working candidate who is spending his time and money to stand up for conservative principles and take the fight to Dianne Feinstein.

One of Hughes’ opponents on the Republican side is Elizabeth Emken, whose Senior Communications Adviser, Mark Standriff, wrote this piece in response.

For the record:

You remember, Chuck DeVore, the former Orange County based Assemblyman who wasted $ hundreds of thousands of Republican donors money in running a futile U.S. Senate primary race against former Rep. Tom Campbell and Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina.

Here are the results of DeVore’s last election – the one in which he received less than 20% of the vote:

Mark Standriff in his piece talks about SOUR GRAPES from DeVore.

Chuck, isn’t it time to just let it go?

7 thoughts on “CA-Sen: Ex- California POL Chuck DeVore Cannot Let Go

  1.  Chuck, your comment was held in moderation because of the link you posted, which is the same as the original piece over at the Flash Report. You were drawing attention to your comment which was posted after my post here.

    It is probably not reasonable to compare Al Ramirez’s statewide U.S. Senate race finish/vote total with Ms. Emken’s Congressional district race since voter population is not the same. In June 2010, there were only about 118,000 total votes cast for Democrats and Republicans in CD-11. In your race and Ramirez’s, there were over 2 million votes cast, counting Republicans only (see chart above).

    But, you can take this up with Mr. Standriff and the Emken campaign.

  2. Speaking of sour grapes.  Dr.  Would you please unblock me from twitter?  We are both CA conservatives and the last CAsen is long over. Thank you.

    Teri Peters
    aka @hipEchik on twitter. 

          1.  I understand.  I don’t recall ever tweeting with you.  It’s not my M.O. either but, if something was said I apologize.  Carry on your good work Dr. 

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