Jane Fonda,  Rush Limbaugh

Traitor Jane Fonda Wants Rush Limbaugh Kicked Off the Radio – Really?

Jane Fonda cavorting with North Vietnamese Troops (sitting on an anti-aircraft gun)

Jane, Robin Morgan, and Gloria Steinem are the Co-Founders of the Women’s Media Center and they penned this piece regarding Rush-Fluke flap.

The FCC takes such complaints into consideration when stations file for license renewal. For local listeners near a station that carries Limbaugh’s show, there is plenty of evidence to bring to the FCC that their station isn’t carrying out its public interest obligation. Complaints can be registered under the broadcast category of the FCC website: http://www.fcc.gov/complaints

This isn’t political. While we disagree with Limbaugh’s politics, what’s at stake is the fallout of a society tolerating toxic, hate-inciting speech. For 20 years, Limbaugh has hidden behind the First Amendment, or else claimed he’s really “doing humor” or “entertainment.” He is indeed constitutionally entitled to his opinions, but he is not constitutionally entitled to the people’s airways.

It’s time for the public to take back our broadcast resources. Limbaugh has had decades to fix his show. Now it’s up to us.

Fonda is a traitor and aided and abetted America’s enemies.

Go away….

Dan Riehl over at Breitbart.com has some information on some of the comments attributed to Limbaugh and more on Fonda.

Note this photo of Jane sine bra:

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  • nick

    I wonder if in her aiding and abetting those communist NVA enimies  she got it on with any of them to show her appreciation? I bet she did she has always been a media whore and these latest statements just put more bricks in the wall. Meanwhile lots of our guys were being tortured to pieces in the good old Hanoi Hilton while she was  touring the city. yes she was and still is a TRAITOR